2010 Legislative Issue: Emerging Energy Technology Fund 

Alaska has the opportunity to be a “first mover” in the commercialization of technologies like biomass gasification, tidal, and energy storage technologies, given our abundant resources and unique needs. However, to make progress in these areas Alaska must begin a concerted effort to support research and development like many other states, provinces and countries around the world are doing. An ‘Emerging Energy Technology Development Fund’ could give Alaska an advantage when competing with other states for federal funding programs for green industry and job development that are being launched by President Obama’s administration.

Senate Bill 150 would establish an emerging energy technology fund that would be administered by the Alaska Center for Energy and Power, a research branch of the University of Alaska. The fund, which would be financed by appropriations from the state legislature, federal appropriations, and contributions from other sources, would be available to utilities, independent power producers, local and tribal governments, Alaskan businesses, and non-profits. In order to receive grants or loans from the fund, the benefiting project would need to be for the research, development, or demonstration of a new energy or conservation technology or for the improvement of an existing technology, with the reasonable expectation that the technology would be commercially viable within 5 years.

Alaska can be a world leader in renewable energy. Call or email your legislator today to voice your opinion on this important issue.

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