Board of Directors 

2014 Board of Directors

Business Constituency

ABS Alaskan, Inc.
Jim Norman, President

Bering Straits Development Corporation
Robert Bensin, Electrical Administrator
Jerald Brown, Vice President

Chenega Energy, LLC
Greg Porter, President
Paul Rieland, Energy Projects Manager

Cook Inlet Region, Inc.
Suzanne Gibson, Senior Director of Energy Development

Ocean Renewable Power Company
Doug Johnson, Director of Business Development
Monty Worthington, Project Development Director

STG, Inc.
Clinton White
Dave Myers, Senior Project Manager

Non-Profit/Educational Institution/Local Government Constituency

Alaska Center for Energy and Power
Gwen Holdmann, Director
George Roe, Research Professor

Alaska Center for the Environment
Ryan Schryver, Deputy Director
Andy Moderow, Data & Political Director

Alaska Power Association
Crystal Enkvist, Director of Member and Public Relations
Marilyn Leland, Executive Director

Institute of the North
Nils Andreassen, Executive Director
Kristina Baiborodova, Project Coordinator

Rural Alaska Community Action Program
Catherine Clements, Community Development Division Director

Sierra Club Alaska
Lindsey Hajduk, Associate Field Representative
Laura Comer, Associate Field Representative

Utility Constituency

Alaska Power and Telephone
Robert Grimm, President
Greg Mickelson, VP Power Operations

Alaska Village Electric Cooperative
Meera Kohler, President / CEO
Steve Gilbert, Energy Projects Manager

Chugach Electric Association
Harry Crawford, Director, Chugach Board
Phil Steyer, Director, Government Relations & Corporate Communications

Homer Electric Association, Inc.
Joe Gallagher, Public Relations Coordinator
Brad Janorschke, CEO

Kodiak Electric Association
Darron Scott, President/CEO
Jennifer Richcreek, Environmental Coordinator

Kotzebue Electric Association
Brad Reeve, General Manager
Matt Bergan, Project Engineer

Individual At-Large Constituency

Ethan Berkowitz
Peter Crimp
Connie Fredenberg

2014 Board Committees

Executive Committee
Doug Johnson, Chair
Meera Kohler, Vice Chair
Suzanne Gibson, Treasurer
Gwen Holdmann, Secretary
Ethan Berkowitz
Crystal Enkvist
Darron Scott

Finance Committee
Suzanne Gibson, Chair
Harry Crawford, Jr.
Jim Norman
Meera Kohler
Chris Rose
Doug Johnson
Nils Andreassen
Ryan Schryver

Public Policy Committee
Darron Scott, Chair
Doug Johnson, Vice Chair
Meera Kohler
Gwen Holdmann
Chris Rose
Jim Norman
David Oliver
Lindsey Hajduk
Barrett Ristroph
Gene Therriault
Brian Hirsch
Kathryn Dodge
Nils Andreassen
Ryan Schryver
Crystal Enkvist
Suzanne Gibson
Antony Scott
Willard Dunham
Harry Crawford, Jr.

Rural Issues Committee
Connie Fredenberg, Chair
Dave Pelunis-Messier, Co-Chair
Jim Norman
Dan Goodman
Chris Rose
Brian Hirsch
David Oliver
Meera Kohler
Jodi Fondy
Ralph Andersen
Melody Nibeck-Edgmon
Robert Bensin
Robert Venables
Peter Crimp
Barrett Ristroph
Shaina Kilcoyne
Clinton White
Antony Scott
Anna Sattler
George Roe
Brent Petrie
Art Nash
Cady Lister
Gwen Holdmann
Jack Hébert
Brian Hammond
Steve Gilbert
Russell Dick
Jason Custer
Lyle Axelarris
Jeremy Spargur

Board Development Committee
Meera Kohler, Chair
Dan Goodman
Jim Norman
Joe Gallagher
Tony SlatonBarker
Jason Evans
Suzanne Gibson
Brian Oakland
Lynn Thompson

Who we are

Renewable Energy Alaska Project is a coalition of energy stakeholders working to facilitate the development of renewable energy in Alaska through collaboration, education, training, and advocacy.