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The Alaska Wind Working Group is a collaboration of government agencies, nonprofit organizations, businesses and individuals interested in identifying specific concerns and barriers to and opportunities for wind development in Alaska. The group holds meetings quarterly to share information and discuss wind power in Alaska. The Alaska Wind Working Group is dedicated to the smart and successful wind power development in Alaska, and is open to any interested party that supports the group’s mission.

The group is part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Wind Powering America program. REAP is the state facilitator for the group. For more information, contact Stephanie Nowers or call REAP at (907) 929-7770.

AK Wind Working Group Charter and Objectives (.doc)

March 20-21, 2014 Alaska Wind Integration Workshop

Fairbanks Pipeline Training Center

The Alaska Wind Integration Workshop built on past International Wind-Diesel Workshops and the 2013 Alaska Wind-Diesel Workshop held in Seward. This event was focused on providing an opportunity to learn and share information on wind systems in arctic environments, through expert panel discussions and training in areas such as modelling, MET Tower set up and more.  Nearly 100 attendees came from around Alaska, as well as Canada, the Lower 48, Australia & France.
2014 SPEAKER LIST(.pdf)

Wind Diesel 101_RichStromberg_AKEnergyAuthority
Wind Diesel 201_RichStromberg_AKEnergyAuthority
Status of Alaskan Wind Industry_JoshCraft_AlaskaEnergyAuthority
Status of WorldwideWind Diesel_OwenRoberts_NREL
NOME_Diesel Issues in Wind-Diesel Systems_JohnHandeland_NJUS
LargeRotors_TrevorAtkinson_NorthernPowerSystems Features_03202014
EnergyStorage Good Bad Ugly_AbbasAkhil
Data Collection and Reporting_JoshCraft_AlaskaEnergyAuthority
Operations Considerations_BillStamm_AKVillageElectric Cooperative

Feb. 14-15, 2013 Alaska Wind-Diesel Workshop meeting in Seward

This two-day workshop at the AVTEC training facility featured a full day day revolving around training sessions, including Wind-Diesel 101 & 201, HOMER Modelling, Electrical Concepts for Non-Engineers, Wind Data Analysis, Tower Climbing, & Diesel Operations.  The second day  highlight stakeholder presentations with dialogue on topics including energy storage, high penetration wind-diesel, wind-diesel control, secondary loads, waste heat recovery design and more. This event was hosted by Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP) & AVTEC-Alaska’s Institute of Technology in association with Alaska Energy Authority, Alaska Center for Energy & Power, National Renewable Energy Laboratory & the U.S. Department of Energy’s Wind Powering America program

Status of AK Wind-Diesel_JoshCraft_2013
Wind-Diesel Options for Alaska_JoshCraft_2013
Kokhanok Update_JohnLyons_2013
Wind Diesel 101_RichStromberg_2013
Wind Diesel 201_RichStromberg_2013

May 14, 2012 AK Wind Working Group regional meeting in Kotzebue

This all-day meeting included operators, installers, researchers and other representatives from across Alaska’s wind industry. The discussion covered ongoing research, energy storage, wind turbine types in use in Alaska, dispatch strategies, and hurdles and priorities for wind development.
May 14 Agenda (.pdf)
DRAFT Minutes (.docx)

Rich Stromberg_ Unalakleet Wind-Diesel Data Analysis (.pdf)
GwenHoldmann_WIDAC update (.pdf)
Abbas Akhil_Metlakatla Battery (.pdf)
Brad Reeve_Kotz Wind Farm_May 2012 (.pdf)

Sept. 26, 2011 AK Wind Working Group annual meeting in Juneau

This half-day meeting included discussion of the Wind Working Group’s objectives, priorities and membership. Presentations were also given on wind energy training at the AVTEC facility in Seward, data collection, small wind (<100kW) and Railbelt wind projects.
Meeting agenda (.pdf)
Draft minutes (.pdf)

Railbelt Wind update (Rich Stromberg, Alaska Energy Authority) .pdf
AVTEC update (Fred Esposito, AVTEC) .pdf

Nov. 12, 2010 Annual Wind Working Group meeting in Nome

This no-cost, all-day working group meeting included discussions on wind generation in Alaska, project updates and the latest on turbine options for Alaska. Also on Nov. 11, there was a one-day Wind Energy Application Training Symposium for those interested in learning the basics of how to apply for, install and integrate wind systems into their communities. We have posted some of the presentations below, and hope to have the rest up soon. If there’s a particular presentation you are interested in and don’t see it here, please give us a call at 907.929.7770.

Nome Region Wind Resource Overview.pdf (Rich Stromberg, Alaska Energy Authority)
Making Wind Work for Alaska.pptx (Billy Muhando, ACEP)
Alaska Village Electric Cooperative.pptx (Brent Petrie, Anna Sattler)
Wind Fundamentals.pptx (Kat Keith, ACEP)
Bering Strait Region Energy Projects.pdf (Walter Rose, Kawerak Energy Specialist)
Hybrid power systems and integration.pdf (Ian Baring-Gould, NREL)

2010 Alaska Wind Project Updates.pdf








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Renewable Energy Alaska Project is a coalition of energy stakeholders working to facilitate the development of renewable energy in Alaska through collaboration, education, training, and advocacy.