Advanced Lighting Presentation and Workshop 

Alaska Center for Appropriate Technology is hosting two one day workshops on advanced lighting. Topics include effective lighting design, equipment selection, daylight harvesting, controls and more. These workshops are designed to give an in depth training on how we can use lighting to be more efficient and save on lighting costs. Workshops will cover in depth explanations of lighting systems, i.e. Induction, LED, T8/T5, cold Cathode, and how to decide which system is best for your application. Also learn how to identify inefficient lighting systems and how to make them more efficient. Understand VEL (Visibly Effective Lumens) and the differences within different lighting systems.  Learn how watts no longer translate with efficacy values.
Instructors will be local and national experts including Nancy Clanton, PE and LEED AP from Boulder, Colorado and Dave Inman, of Red Mountain Lighting , Mesa Arizona.
Class schedule:
Oct 14 Agate Inn Wasilla 10 am to 5pm.  Tuition:  $100 or $225 with Professional Continuing Education certification.  Lunch included.
Oct 15 Anchorage UAA  BMH 211 9 am to 5pm.  Tuition:  $100 or  $225 with Professional CE certification   Lunch not included.
Oct 16 Anchorage UAA one hour presentation for a general audience during Bioneers in Alaska.   Bioneers registration required.
The Oct 14 and 15 workshops are both designed for those who design lighting systems or those who manage buildings and are interested in better lighting and costs savings.  In Alaska lighting may constitute up to 30% of the total energy consumption.  These workshops are designed for building managers, owners, lighting engineers, and architects.  All are welcome.
RSVP or questions to or toll free 877-271-4411.

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