Akutan Aims to Drill for Geothermal Power This Summer 

From the Aleutians East Borough website: The City of Akutan is in for a hot summer. Preparations are underway for drilling exploratory geothermal wells in Hot Springs Bay Valley on Akutan Island, just three miles from Akutan Village. Extensive prospecting, including soil and chemical testing, remote sensing using satellite imagery, and magneto-telluric measurement of electric currents in the earth using more than 50 ground probes, was completed in October 2009. Now the project technical team, led by Dr. Amanda Kolker, has identified four high priority sites for test well drilling this summer.

Under ideal conditions, four “slim hole” wells (approximately 3 inches in diameter) can be drilled between June and October – one to a depth of 3,500 feet and three to a depth of 1,500 feet. However, much work remains to be done before the drilling team can go into action. State permits need to be issued, procurement of transportation, drilling services and material must be completed. Read more

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