Alaska weatherization effort brings home warmth, savings 

By Jennifer Gibbins for The Cordova Times: With a goal of reducing energy costs and bringing homes up to safe, healthy and energy efficient standards, 14 homes in Cordova have recently received weatherization services through the Alaska Weatherization Program.

“This program is wonderful. I could not have afforded to hire anyone to come and do this work on my home,” said Gloria Clark. “Now I can stand at the sink and do my dishes and the wind isn’t blowing right off the lake and into the house.”

Like other participants in the program, Clark’s home underwent three assessments prior to weatherization. First, a simple written application examined annual energy usage, square footage and other basic information to determine eligibility. Following that, an onsite inspection was conducted by an energy specialist with the Alaska Community Development Corp. (AKCDC), as well as a diagnostic Blower-Door test that uses specialized software to model home energy use. The AKCDC energy specialist created a customized weatherization plan for the house that was later implemented by a professional contractor team from Alaska SafeTech Industries, including targeting diagnostic goals based on weatherization,.

The plan for Clark’s home included caulking leaks throughout the home, plugging holes in the skirting, three new windows, a new Toyo stove, a fan in the bathroom and new smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. The contractor team repeated diagnostic testing prior to commencing work and upon completion, measured results against the targeted goals for each home. The level of investment varies from home to home depending on a number of factors, however, it can be as much as $8,500. Read more

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