Alaska Wind Turbines Project Set To Run On Anchorage’s Fire Island 

By Suzanna Caldwell | Alaska Dispatch:

Eleven wind turbines that have altered the Anchorage landscape and will soon supplement Anchorage’s power supply are up and almost running on Fire Island.

As winter looms and Southcentral Alaska recovers from multiple windstorms, Fire Island Wind, a subsidiary of Cook Inlet Region Inc. (CIRI), is in final stages of its wind power project on the 6-mile-long, uninhabited island about three miles offshore of Alaska’s largest city. CIRI owns 3,600 of Fire Island’s 4,000 acres.

All 11 turbines have been commissioned by Fire Island Wind, according to CIRI spokesman Jim Jager. That means every turbine has had its internal system connected and has been able to produce wind power for six consecutive hours.


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