Alaska’s energy future: It’s already here, and Alaska’s potential is the envy of the states 

Anchorage Daily News editorial: Alaska is an oil and gas producing state. Alaska also is working its way closer to the front lines of renewable energy research and production. That’s one of the encouraging conclusions to draw from last week’s conference on “The Business of Clean Energy in Alaska,” organized by the nonprofit Renewable Energy Alaska Project.

Clean, renewable energy isn’t a starry-eyed vision of future centuries. It’s now.

• In Kodiak, the combination of hydroelectric power and wind turbines produces more than 88 percent of the island’s electricity. Since 2009, wind power has produced almost 9 percent, saving $1.6 million in diesel fuel costs.

• Twenty-two communities in rural Alaska have wind projects. The Alaska Village Electric Cooperative reports wind power displaced 147,000 gallons of diesel in 2009, saving $441,000.

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