Aleutian towns on track for renewable energy 

By Rose Cox in the Dutch Harbor Fisherman: A group of Aleutian entities met to explore reducing use of fossil fuels in communities along the Aleutian Chain at an energy summit in Anchorage six months ago. Their stated goal was to develop a plan by spring 2011 to reduce fossil fuel use by 85 percent in the next decade.

Since that April meeting, they have delved into energy conservation strategies, spurred renewable energy studies along the chain, and forged ahead on plans to form a bulk fuel cooperative.

The ad-hoc committee of regional stakeholders — dubbed “The A-Team” — includes Native corporations, tribal administrators, local governments and others from 15 Aleutian communities. They include representatives from Aleutian Pribilof Islands Community Development Association, the Aleut Corp., Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association, Eastern Aleutian Tribes, Aleutian Housing Authority and the Aleut Foundation. Read more

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