Big time auto racing testing hybrid power technologies 

The Ginetta Zytek 09-SH, the first Le Mans prototype car capable of being powered by three different motive systems, has hit the race circuit this year. It can run on:

– a conventional 4.0 liter V8 internal combustion engine;
– a gasoline/electric hybrid power train that uses the V8 in combination with a 35kw electric motor, and;
– an all-electric drive system powered by a lithium-ion battery recharged through regenerative braking.

Steve Pruitt, a Utah businessman, and Corsa Motorsports have been testing the car on the American Le Mans Series this past racing season, getting good results. The power under the hood is an ethanol-burning V8 that generates 625 horsepower. The power train was developed by Zytek Motorsport, a British engineering company. Pruitt believes the car’s improved gas mileage may allow it to skip at least one stop during the next season’s important opening race, the 12 hours of Le Mans at the Sebring International Raceway, and even more after his team has worked out more of the kinks. Read more here

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