Eielson goes green with new housing development 

by Sam Friedman for the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, July 18, 2011

A new housing development on Eielson Air Force Base is expected to receive a major environmental-building certification.

The new development, simply called Air Force Military Housing, will be home to about half the base’s population with 349 housing units.

As part of a military mandate for more efficient buildings, they were built with the building standards of the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, project manager Bob Strum said.

The houses were built to the second-highest LEED Gold rating, Strum said, although they have not yet been certified to the standard.

If they are certified they would be first homes to achieve the rating in Alaska.

Environmental features of the homes include a heating system fueled by waste heat from Eielson’s power plant instead of heating oil and floorboard heating, Strum said.

The homes are sealed and insulated far better than most homes in the country to conserve the heat.

In a “blower test,” in which a house is sealed and pressurized, the homes held air inside about five times better than the average home, said Colleen Groll with the Seattle-based O’Brien and company, which is completing the certification for the project.

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