**January 3 – 14
FAIRBANKS – ES F166-FQ1 ELECTRIC CAR CONVERSION COURSE will be taught by MICHAEL GOLUB. from 6 to 10pm in Duckering Building, Room 252, Monday through Friday. 2 credits. CRN 38872. An introduction to the principles of electrical vehicle propulsion systems. Fundamentals of electrical motors, electrical motor controls, electrical energy storage systems, and automotive power-train design. The student will conduct practical design projects culminating with a complete electric four-wheeler conversion. Relevant codes and standards will be emphasized. Tuition $294 (waiverable 60 or older on September 21, 2005) plus Fees $66, Total $360. For more information, contact Michael Golub at 907-347-4363 or email migolub@alaska.edu,

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