Energy crucial issue for U.S. Military 

From the Petroleum News: Energy is a crucial issue for the U.S. military and a recent study by retired senior military officers concluded that fossil fuel dependence and a fragile national electric grid are threats to U.S. military, economic and climate security. The study, “Powering America’s Defense: Energy and the Risks to National Security,” is by the CNA Military Advisory Board and is available online: CNA, a nonprofit based in Alexandria, Va., began as the Center for Naval Analysis in the 1940s; its Web site says it pioneered operations analysis during World War II and has been researching and analyzing “the complex scientific, operational and policy challenges that are facing the public sector and public decision makers” for more than half a century. One of the members of the CNA Military Advisory Board, retired Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn, presented the report’s conclusions to Commonwealth North in Anchorage Oct. 6. Read more(subscription required)

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