Enstar: Natural gas imports on horizon for Alaska 

By Suzanna Caldwell | Alaska Dispatch: With a natural gas shortage looming, Alaska utilities are bearing down on getting the word out.

At a Monday Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Luncheon, Enstarpresident and CEO Colleen Starring spoke to business owners about what’s coming in terms of production for the region’s only natural gas utility.

Gas production is not expected to meet demand starting next winter, so utilities are looking to import liquefied or compressed natural gas to offset the decline. Consultants at Northern Economics are preparing a report for the utilities, outlining which option would serve Southcentral Alaska better. A decision will be announced early next year.

Starring’s presentation outlined what her company has done to offset shortfalls and what it plans to do as 2014 approaches.
 Recent state legislation that created tax incentives and the Cook Inlet Natural Gas Storage Facility Alaska (known as CINGSA), has encouraged more production, with new wells coming online in Cook Inlet. But they’re not enough to cover the predicted shortfall.


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