Europe’s renewable electricity generation nearly hits 20% 

From Energy Efficiency News: Last year, just shy of 20% of Europe’s total electricity consumption came from renewable sources, according to the latest figures from the European Commission. The EC’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) has produced annual Renewable Energy Snapshots since 2007 to track the region’s progress towards the target of 20% renewable energy generation by 2020. Data is coalesced from official figures from EU countries or EUROSTAT and ‘grey’ data from industry associations, research projects and the like.

The findings, which indicate that renewables accounted for 62% of newly installed generation capacity in 2009, give grounds for “cautious optimism” says the JRC. Overall, hydropower still makes up the single largest share at 11.6% of Europe’s total electricity consumption, followed by wind (4.2%), biomass (3.5%) and solar (0.4%). But in newly installed capacity, wind (37.1%) and solar photovoltaics (21%) clearly lead the way, with biomass (2.1%), hydro (1.4%) and concentrated solar power (0.4%) trailing behind. Read more

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