Eva Creek wind turbine project under way near Healy 

By Dorothy Chomicz | Fairbanks Daily News Miner: Trucks will begin shipping components from Anchorage this week to build 12 wind turbines at the Eva Creek Wind Project near Healy.

The trucks, which will only travel at night, will ship the turbine hubs and nacelles as well as the tower sections to Healy. From there they will be loaded on rail cars and shipped to Ferry, a small community along the railroad near the wind project location. The parts will then be trucked to the site on a road that was specially constructed for the project.

The turbines will be constructed using a giant crane that was shipped from Wisconsin for the project. The crane is the largest in Alaska and had to shipped in pieces and then reassembled after reaching the site.

The blades, which are 148 feet long, were shipped to Whittier and transported by rail to Healy. They began arriving June 15, at which time workers began preparing the turbine foundations at the project site.


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