Federal study: Fairbanks schools more energy efficient than Anchorage 

By Suzanna Caldwell | Alaska Dispatch: The rivalry between Anchorage and Fairbanks — Alaska’s two largest cities — is a fierce one. Which community has the most culture, which has the better university and which has the superior athletic squads are all debates that have raged since statehood.

But an October report from the Alaska Housing Finance Corp. clearly shows one area in which Fairbanks beats Anchorage: Heating efficiency in public buildings.

While that may not be a charming title, it’s one that could reap benefits for years as heat and electricity prices rise in Southcentral and Interior Alaska.

A White Paper on Energy Use in Alaska’s Public Facilities,” known colloquially as the “White Paper,” was a project of the Alaska Housing Finance Corp. funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The White Paper is considered the first major look at energy use in Alaska public buildings.

$13.7 million to heat, power Anchorage schools

Because schools make up 58 percent of all public buildings in Alaska, they get considerable attention. One notable finding is that Anchorage schools use twice as much energy per square foot as Fairbanks schools.


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