Fire Island Wind-Energy Project Wraps Up Work at Local Dog Park 

By Lauren Maxwell of KTVA: Work on the Fire Island Wind Project may have slowed down for winter, but that’s only on the island.

On the mainland, crews are busy laying electrical transmission lines and most of the work is being done at a local dog park.

Connor’s Bog Dog Park, off Jewel Lake road, is well loved and well used. So when signs started popping up last fall that the Fire Island Wind Project was coming through, it had some people concerned.

“It was self-explanatory, “ said a regular dog walker. “They were going to make a big mess.“

Work has been progressing steadily through the winter, and “mess” may be in the eye of the beholder. In the past two weeks, heavy steel pilings were pounded into the ground.

This week crews began erecting 28 electrical poles. Read more

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