Forum on Exploring Bioenergy Opportunities in Alaska 

You are invited to a Forum on expanding the U.S. Biofuels Market
and expanding Bioenergy Opportunities in Alaska on Friday, December
17, 2010. USDA has outlined a plan on how to develop a successful
biofuels market capable of achieving the U.S. Renewable Fuels
Standards mandate of not only producing, but also using, 36 billion
gallons of renewable transportation fuel per year by 2022. However,
this is an interim plan and now the department needs input and
feedback from Alaska.
So please review USDA’s plan, available at:

Then join us at the forum to share your thoughts and ideas. Your
input and participation would be greatly appreciated.

We will also be discussing opportunities for using biomass in Alaska
for heat and power with representatives from state and federal
agencies, the University of Alaska, and private sector companies.

Time and Place:
9:30am- 3:30 pm
Friday, December 17
Palmer Experiment Farm
1509 S. Trunk Road
Palmer, AK

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