Generating Megawatts Like Clockwork 

This New York Times article by Henry Fountain talks about REAP member Ocean Renewable Power Company’s efforts to harness tidal power in Maine and Alaska.

“Christopher R. Sauer stands before the swirling waters of the Western Passage and describes his company’s alternative energy vision, he doesn’t see an army of wind turbines or banks of solar cells. In fact, Mr. Sauer sees nothing at all that could block his view of Canada, just across the channel. For if his plans come to fruition, an array of turbines will be operating out of sight, deep under the water, cranking out power to a substation on shore. His company, Ocean Renewable Power, is one of a number of start-ups trying to develop tidal energy — water-powered turbines that spin in the current as the tides come and go, turning generators to make electricity that is clean and, they hope, reasonably priced….For its projects — the company is also working in Alaska — Ocean Renewable Power decided to use a different kind of turbine, a cross-flow design in which the axis of rotation is perpendicular to the flow of water.”

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