A great year for clean energy in Alaska 

As 2013 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on how far clean energy has come, both in Alaska and in the US.  We’re proud of what our state and nation has accomplished and the opportunities we’ve created together for our energy future, but there’s much more work ahead of us.

Please consider making a year-end donation to REAP today and help us fight for clean energy in our great state in 2014!


Clean Energy By The Numbers Fire-Island-FundraiserFOR-WEB

1.5 million – gallons of fish oil UniSea Inc. uses annually to operate their 2.2MW generators, boilers and fishmeal dryers. That’s biodiesel at work!

$3 – energy savings expected for every $1 spent on efficiency upgrades at the office.

4 minutes – how often a new solar energy system is installed in the US.

6 – the number of individuals on REAP’s staff beginning January 2014!

18,000 – number of gallons of diesel a typical 1000 kW wind turbine can displace per year, a savings of nearly $55,000 to an electric utility.

90% – percentage of the nation’s river current and tidal energy resources located in Alaska.

10 – REAP’s age in 2014!

33% – amount the average Alaskan homeowner saves on energy bills after making the recommended changes from an energy assessment.

$60 – the amount of money you can save in a year by switching 6 incandescent bulbs to LEDs.

89 – number of organizational members of REAP, consisting of small and large utilities, conservation organizations, renewable energy businesses and producers, educational institutions, native organizations and local governments!

100 – times longer a LED bulb lasts compared to an incandescent

300 degrees – the estimated reservoir temperature of Pilgrim Hot Springs. This means the resource could be capable of sustaining approximately 2 MW of power generation, which could be used locally or delivered to Nome or elsewhere via a transmission line.

$400 million – the estimated amount the state could be saving on energy costs in private commercial buildings by implementing energy efficiency measures.

Thank you for the support you have shown to clean energy in Alaska. Please donate today to help us continue advocating for the increased use of renewable energy and energy efficiency and educating Alaskans about the benefits of clean energy!

From all of us at REAP, have a wonderful new year!

Who we are

Renewable Energy Alaska Project is a coalition of energy stakeholders working to facilitate the development of renewable energy in Alaska through collaboration, education, training, and advocacy.