Heavenly Ridge Installation 

Heavenly Ridge 3.7 Skystream

To see their installation on YouTube, click on the picture

Alaskan Wind Industries installed the first Skystream 3.7 Wind Turbine in Homer Alaska this year. This wind turbine is sitting 42ft high on Diamond Ridge facing the city.  Each wind turbine is named by the homeowner or business for maintenance and for identification with manufacture. This wind turbine is named “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”.  This couple has lived in Homer Alaska since the early 1950’s and was a recipient to the Exxon settlement to help them with the new clean energy.  Deborah and Michael Limacher love the idea of clean energy and their motto is: “once the turbine is paid off, you have free and independent clean energy!!” These Business Owners of Heavenly Ridge will be receiving a 25% business grant for this project from the USDA as well as a 30% Tax Rebate from the Federal Government.

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