AK Renewable Energy Fund at Risk 

Write, call or fax Governor Sean Parnell TODAY and tell him how you feel about clean energy development in Alaska!

NOTE: The Governor is deciding this week. There are just hours left before his veto deadline expires.
The capital budget the state legislature passed on May 14th contains over $200 million for clean energy programs and projects across Alaska. Last year, the Governor vetoed half of the $50 million appropriation for the Renewable Energy Grant Fund, leaving projects unfunded that would have leveraged millions more in private and federal funds to help spur renewable energy development in Alaska.

Last year’s veto, coupled with veto threats the Governor has made this year, have many concerned that the Governor may again veto renewable energy and energy efficiency dollars this year.

Four different important state programs received appropriations in the capital budget that the Governor is now considering.

1) $36.6 million for Round IV of the Renewable Energy Grant Fund to help finance commercial renewable energy projects across the state that the Alaska Energy Authority has recommended for funding.

2) $126.5 million for the state’s Weatherization and Home Rebate programs to finance more residential energy efficiency retrofits across the state ($76.5 million for Weatherization and $50 million for Rebates).

3) $2.4 million for Round II of the Emerging Energy Technology Grant Fund to help finance innovative energy demonstration projects. If this appropriation survives the Governor’s veto pen, it will be matched dollar for dollar by the Denali Commission.

4) $2.5 million to capitalize the new Alternative Energy Conservation Revolving Loan Fund to make loans to commercial businesses in Alaska to do energy efficiency retrofits.

In addition to these state programs, the budget includes funds for:

*State risk sharing in the next phase of drilling at the proposed Railbelt  geothermal project at Mt. Spurr ($18 million).

*Support to build Golden Valley Electrical Association’s proposed 25 MW Eva Creek wind farm near Healy ($10 million).

*Support to expand the Blue Lake Hydroelectric project near Sitka ($28.5 million).

*Support to expand the Bradley Lake Hydroelectric project near Homer ($15 million).

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