Energy Efficiency is “Sexy” Photo Contest 


Energy Efficiency! It’s the simplest, easiest, most effective way to cut our energy costs, but it has an image problem. It lacks pizzazz, that certain je ne sais quoi, that ooh la la sex appeal that makes us pay attention and act. All of which is why REAP created our first annual “Energy Efficiency  is Sexy” photo contest. We wanted to bring the sexy back to EE and challenged contestants to send us homegrown art that would make us smile and hopefully get people to think and do their part with all those little steps we can take to reduce our energy consumption. So we hope you enjoy the results and take a few moments to check out REAP’s Energy Efficiency page full of links and guides to reducing your energy use. Congratulations to our winners, and all those who submitted!

Winner - "Sexy Thermostat"

2nd - "LED style"

3rd - "Pedal Power"

HM - "Hot Caulking"

HM - "CFL Canine"

"Hot Seat"

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