Homer Electric adopts net metering standards 

By Victoria A. Rocha of Electric Co-op Today: An Alaska co-op is the first electric utility to deploy the state’s brand-new net metering regulations that allow consumers to install and use renewable generation to offset usage. The home of Dorothy and Bill Fry, consumer-members of Homer Electric Assn., is one of 31 enrolled in the co-op’s net metering program. Bill Fry is a co-op director.

Under the state’s requirements, members of Homer Electric Association, Homer, can connect up to 25 kilowatts of renewable energy generation per site, provided they comply with approved interconnection standards. Members are either billed for net consumption or credited if they generate more electricity than they use.

Before the state approved the net metering plan earlier this year, the co-op had experience with member-owned renewable generation. Under a similar interconnection program Homer Electric operated for two years, 31 consumer-members operated small-scale installations, most of them wind turbines ranging in size from one kilowatt to six kilowatts. Read more

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