Hydrokinetic proposition for Alaska: Device could generate power from abandoned oil platforms 

Note from REAP: Scotty Anderson is an all around creative guy and we’re proud to say a member of REAP. He already won a $125,000 prize for this device, an award we wrote about here

By Eric Lidji at Greening of Oil: Scott Anderson first wondered about generating power from moving water while watching a 14-knot current rip down the river he happened to be fishing in Alaska. “I was trying to think how I could get the energy out of the water,” Anderson, 76, said from Florida, where he lives half the year when he’s not on the Kenai Peninsula. Now, using a design invented by the Greek mathematician Archimedes more than 2,000 years ago, Anderson’s team at Smart Product Innovations believes they can convert abandoned oil platforms in Cook Inlet into a clean, renewable power source. Read more

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