February 23 (WEBINAR)
HYDROPOWER PLANNING IN ALASKA: DOES CLIMATE CHANGE MATTER? will be held from 10 to 11am Alaska Time. JESSIE ELLEN CHERRY, International Arctic Research Center & Institute of Northern Engineering, UAF, will lead the webinar. The supply, demand, and price for hydroelectric power can be strongly influenced by climatic factors such as temperature, precipitation, and water storage by the environment. The climate, in turn, is driven by both natural variability (on a variety of timescales) and anthropogenic forcing. For planning water resource management here in Alaska, particularly for long-lived, large infrastructure projects, it is useful to understand the sources of uncertainty in climate projections and how they influence long-term and short-term decision-making. A case study in Southeast Alaska is described, where most of Alaska’s hydropower facilities are concentrated. Challenges to assessing the regional impacts of climate change here are discussed, as well as our interpretation of the historical record of climate variability. Our analysis concludes that understanding and accounting for natural modes of variability may be as important as planning for long-term climate change when it comes to managing existing hydropower facilities and planning new infrastructure. To participate, Log-In to the Alaska Climate Teleconference: 1) With a regular telephone dial: 1-800-893-8850. 2) When prompted, enter the PIN code: 7531823 PLEASE MUTE YOUR PHONE DURING THE PRESENTATION. To view the presentation during a teleconference: 1) Point your web browser to: http://www.shareitnow.com 2) Click on the blue Join a Meeting button on the left side bar.3) For Presenter ID enter: accap@uaf.edu. If you do not see anything on your screen, click on the refresh button on the top bar.

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