A Holistic Approach to Clean Energy

Energy decisions and energy projects don’t get made in a vacuum.  That’s why REAP is proud to be a partner with the Sustainable Southeast Partnership (SSP), a diverse group of organizations working together on the challenge of sustainable community development in Southeast Alaska.  With the SSP, REAP is able to focus on education, collaboration, advocacy and training on the ground.

REAP’s Energy Efficiency Director Shaina Kilcoyne has served as the Regional Energy Catalyst for the SSP since 2014. We are committed to helping build the human capacity necessary for sustainable community development by providing access to resources and fostering cross-sector collaboration and shared learning.

As a member, REAP works with experts in food, economic development, community health, energy, and fisheries and forestry.  We face complex challenges with an equally complex and diverse partnership.  In the process we build relationships and real trust between organizations who should be working together but hwo have not always seen eye to eye in the past.

We encourage you to follow our work on Google+ Community, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, and the SSP Website.