About Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP)

Photo Credit: Tim Leach

Photo Credit: Tim Leach

Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP) is a coalition of large and small Alaska utilities, businesses, conservation and consumer groups, Alaska Native organizations, and municipal, state and federal entities with an interest in developing Alaska’s vast renewable energy resources.

REAPs goal is to increase the production of renewable energy in Alaska and bring the benefits of clean, economic and inexhaustible renewable power to the citizens of Alaska.

The organization is led by a diverse board of directors selected from its membership.

Donate to REAP, Alaska’s only advocacy and education group for renewable energy development in Alaska.

Download the 2013 Renewable Energy Atlas of Alaska (PDF) here to learn about renewable energy projects and opportunities in Alaska.


History of Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP)

REAP was formed in 2004 by Executive Director Chris Rose with the goal of promoting the use of renewable energy in Alaska. It has since grown to include more than 80 organizational members representing a diverse coalition of small and large Alaska electric utilities, environmental groups, consumer groups, businesses, Alaska Native organizations, and municipal, state and federal entities. REAP was Alaska’s first and remains its only education and advocacy group focused solely on renewable energy. Over the last nine years, it has become an important voice on both renewable energy and energy efficiency.