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alaska-tribal-health-consAlaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (
The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium provides the highest quality health services for Alaska Native people at the Alaska Native Medical Center and across Alaska through training, health education, disease and injury prevention, and rural water and sewer construction.

Bering Straits Development Corporation (
BSDC construction division is a full service general contractor with experience in single and multi-family housing, commercial buildings and industrial construction and renovation. BSDC has in house expertise in electrical, plumbing and heating systems to complement the general construction activities. BSDC has developed a specialty in energy efficiency and renewable energy installations throughout northern and western Alaska.

Cook Inlet Region, Inc. (
The mission of CIRI is to promote the economic and social well-being and Alaska Native heritage of our shareholders, now and into the future, through prudent stewardship of the company’s resources, while furthering self-sufficiency among CIRI shareholders and their families. Today, CIRI employs the latest technologies and finance strategies to harness the power of renewable energy in Alaska and the Lower 48. Our energy projects create jobs and economic activity while generating profits for shareholders and business partners.

NANA Corporation (
NANA improves the quality of life for shareholders by maximizing economic growth, protecting and enhancing our lands, and promoting healthy communities with decisions, actions, and behaviors inspired by our Iñupiat Ilitqusiat values consistent with our core principles. Northwest Alaska has many options when it comes to producing renewable energy including wind, biomass (wood), solar, hydro and geothermal potential. NANA is partnering with regional and statewide organizations to explore and develop alternative sources of energy to mitigate the energy crisis in our region.

Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference (
SWAMC is the regional economic development organization representing Southwest Alaska, serving the three subregions of:the Aleutian/Pribilof Islands, Bristol Bay, and Kodiak. A 501(c)(4) non-profit, SWAMC is the designated State of Alaska Regional Development Organization (ARDOR) and Federal Economic Development District (EDD) entity tasked with expanding public-private partnerships and growing the Southwest Alaska region based on sound strategic planning efforts. Organized as a regional membership organization, SWAMC advocates the collective interests of Southwest Alaska people, businesses, and communities.

Tanana Chiefs Conference (
The TCC Rural Energy Department focuses on community-wide energy efficiency, renewable energy, and energy efficient buildings projects.Our department works closely with Tribes, Utilities, Municipalities, ANTHC and CCHRC to make these projects successful. Additionally, we work with other Partner Organizations, including the State and Federal government, to find clean and affordable energy solutions for our communities.

Yak-Tat Kwaan, Inc. (
Yak-Tat Kwaan, Inc. is a for-profit ANCSA corporation dedicated to providing meaningful and sustainable benefits to shareholders and our community by developing a portfolio of profitable, diverse business investments while being responsible stewards of our resources, in a manner consistent with our Native values.

Central Alaska Engineering Co. (
CAEC is an engineering consulting firm in business for over 20 years providing practical solutions to the design challenges facing Alaska’s many different industries. CAEC provides a full range of energy audits, engineering studies, design and construction management services for municipal, borough, state, federal and private clients.

Bettisworth North (
Bettisworth North is a team of Alaska community builders. The firm was founded by architect Charles Bettisworth in 1976, and over the ensuing years has provided award-winning professional architectural planning services to clients throughout Alaska. The firm is committed to a sustainable, comprehensive approach to design, with landscape architecture and interior design services in house.

Coffman Engineers, Inc. (
Coffman Engineers serves as both prime consultant and sub consultant on projects large and small, including commercial, retail, institutional, government, industrial, and project/construction management. Coffman Engineers is a leader in the engineering and construction communities, and has strengthened our reputation as being progressive and innovative.

Gray Stassel Engineering, Inc. (

(GSE) is an Alaska-owned, Anchorage-based firm incorporated in 1993 specifically to provide engineering services for remote Alaska energy infrastructure, including renewables, heat recovery, microgrids, and prime power generation. GSE has performed work in over 120 remote Alaska communities, and has designed and administered construction of more than 60 heat recovery systems and 30 microgrids.

NORTECH is committed to identifying the most cost-effective energy improvements with the fastest payback time, putting money back in your budget quickly. Our approach puts you in the driver’s seat, choosing the energy efficiency measures that make the most sense for your business, budget and timeline.

RSA Engineering (
RSA Engineering, Inc. is a Mechanical and Electrical consulting engineering firm with over 30 years of experience and a reputation among both owners and A/E firms for effective, efficient solutions to challenges large or small. RSA is one of Alaska’s most experienced consulting engineering firms. We have worked on virtually every type of facility throughout the state (as well as in Antarctica).

Alaska Green Waste Solutions (
Alaska Waste provides solid waste and recycling services to Alaska customers ranging in size from single-family residential homes to large commercial front-load and roll off customers. Operating the largest refuse fleet in the state of Alaska, we provide vital services to homes, schools, businesses, and government and state facilities.

American Transmission Company (
American Transmission Co. owns and operates high-voltage electric transmission systems that provide the pathway for power into communities.



Anchorage Chamber of Commerce (

For over 100 years, we have served as an important resource where our members can gain business knowledge, insight and strength as business professionals. The Anchorage Chamber has an extensive network of nearly 1,000 business members throughout Anchorage and Alaska.

Arctic Energy, Inc. (
Arctic Energy, Inc. is a specialized provider of Distributed Generation in extreme environments. Our prominent enterprise is representing Capstone Turbine Corporation, and their On-Site Combined Heat and Power technology. Arctic Energy currently provides all Capstone factory support services including conceptual design, field trained installation, system commissioning functions and all Factory Warranty and Factory Protection Plan Programs.

Bear Creek Winery (
Bear Creek is a winery in Alaska, a country winery. We make fruit wines and fruit grape wine blends. Bear Creek Winery grows, picks, and processes some of the best berries in the world and it shows in our hand crafted, award winning wines.

Capstone Solutions (
Capstone Solutions is a proven provider of integrated services for the wireless and energy industries. We offer a suite of design, procurement, deployment and modification services to meet the   evolving needs of our diverse client base.

Clean Tech Alliance Washington (
CleanTech Alliance members believe that successful businesses change the world. We’re the bold thinkers who look for and develop new ways of doing things. Our members represent many different industries, this diversity creates the value in the connections we make that ultimately make a difference in our businesses and in the planet. We’re advocating for cleantech policies while fostering connections with fellow members, CEOs, financiers, industry experts, researchers and customers.

EWT-Americas (
EWT is a global designer and producer of utility standard high performance gearless wind turbines of 250kW to 900kW. Increasingly EWT is also providing energy sales and energy saving solutions to customers in selected jurisdictions, linked primarily to value derived from the kWhrs generated by energy savings accrued from the EWT turbine.

Global Diving and Salvage (
Global Diving & Salvage, Inc. endeavors to foster a unique work environment for its employees that stimulates professional pride and passion in their craft and industry as well as invests them in the company’s achievements. This commitment to our collective profession results in our clients and partners receiving safe and effective solutions while setting the standard in the marine services industry.

Global Renewable Power Corporation (
GREC is committed to become a global leader in Biomass Combined Heat and Power (BioCHP) energy solutions.With more than 80,000 hours of continuous operations logged worldwide, we believe that clean affordable biomass electricity and heat is an essential part of the worldwide energy mix. Our proven energy solutions have diversified the energy portfolio and reduced the risk of fuel-price volatility, while delivering an LCOE that is cost competitive with fossil fuels.

Juneau Hydropower (
Juneau Hydropower Inc. is committed to deliver independent and competitively priced clean and natural hydroelectric power to the Capital City of Juneau providing energy security and reducing long-term dependency on fossil fuels.

Launch : Alaska (
As a $50,000 winner of the Small Business Administration’s Growth Accelerator Fund Competition, Launch:Alaska’s goal is to build a world-class business accelerator here in the north. The mission is to help founders build great companies, raising the bar for entrepreneurship throughout Alaska.

Ocean Renewable Power Corporation (
Ocean Renewable Power Company, LLC is a global leader in hydrokinetic power system technology and project solutions. We are a committed and experienced team of professionals that sets a high standard for environmentally suitable river and ocean power solutions that solve the problem of high cost, environmentally risky electricity generation in “islanded” communities.

Rural Energy Enterprises, Inc. (
Rural Energy Enterprises, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rural Alaska Community Action Program, Inc. Rural Energy has been selling high efficiency direct vent heating systems since 1987. We are a wholesale distributor serving over 300 businesses throughout Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Wyoming, British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon Territories.

Siemens Industry, Inc. (
Siemens is helping to modernize America’s energy system. Our technologies and services allow electricity producers and users to pioneer and create new ways to generate, deliver and consume energy. These models are more reliable and efficient, have better security intelligence and independence, and produce lower greenhouse gas emissions. Whether you’re talking about intelligent energy delivery, distributed energy, microgrids, digital grids, highly efficient combined cycle power plants, a new generation of gas turbines, or more productive wind turbines, Siemens is helping build a sustainable energy future today.

STG, Inc. (
STG’s mission is to support the sustainable development of rural Alaska through the delivery of superior construction services and management by providing the highest levels of professionalism, innovation, safety standards, and quality craftsmanship.




SurvBase, LLC (
SurvBase, LLC, is an Alaskan geomatics solutions provider, based in Anchorage. SurvBase can deliver your surveying & mapping services and other geospatial requirements as well. SurvBase provides right-of-way, boundary, platting, topographic, control, construction staking, and base mapping services to the AEC community.

Terrasat, Inc. (
Professional Environmental Services have been environmental experts for 31 years! Expertise helps you protect your investment, avoid environmental liabilities, satisfy any audit when you need to get it done right.

TerraSond Limited (
TERRASOND, an experienced multidisciplinary organization, remains one of the few truly independent, agile, client-focused survey companies. We deliver innovative, reliable geospatial solutions with a strong company-wide culture in HSE/Q.

Alaska Statistical Automation (
ASA was founded to create business solutions that solve complex and routine tasks. We can help you find that hard to find answer or set up an automated system to reduce labor costs with automated reporting. We have the background to implement the solution you are looking for so give us a call or email. Clear communication on their project with our clients is our highest principle.

Deerstone Consultants (
Provides energy resource assessment, planning, and performance. Experience working in Alaska’s renewable energy sector since 1992. Clean energy from the Arctic to the tropics.

Huntley and Associates (!/page_SPLASH)Huntley and Associates, LLC has served the Alaska market for the past twenty-five years with the same companies and products. We are equally about loyalty to the companies we represent as well as the customers we serve. Huntley and Associates is actively involved in the development of oil and gas, military, and mining as well as new growth and expansion projects for the local Alaska utilities. We embrace our relationships with multiple local distributor channels who are instrumental in the long term success of their user customers.

Polarconsult Alaska, Inc. (
Polarconsult Alaska, Inc. is a multidisciplinary engineering consulting firm based in Anchorage since 1978 with a focus on civil, structural, and electrical engineering. We specialize in hydroelectric systems, and have been assisting Alaska communities and private entities develop small hydro systems for over 35 years. Recently completed hydro projects include Pelican Creek in Pelican, Chuniisax Creek in Atka and Packer’s Creek in Chignik Lagoon. Other client hydro projects in various phases of development include projects for the communities of Elfin Cove, Tenakee Springs, and Pedro Bay.

Solstice Alaska Consulting (
Solstice Alaska Consulting, Inc. is a successful 100% women-owned small business headquartered in midtown Anchorage. With seven employees, Solstice provides services related to environmental planning, including National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation and associated assessments, and other environmental permitting. Solstice Alaska’s focus is leadership, technical expertise, and timely personal attention to our clients’ needs.

V3 Energy LLC (
V3 Energy LLC is an Anchorage, Alaska-based wind energy consulting firm specializing in village-scale wind power planning, assessment, and design, including: Wind resource site selection, permitting and analysis, including IEC 61400-1, 3rd ed. Assessment. WAsP (Wind Atlas Analysis and Application Program) modeling of terrain effects and turbine energy production. Last, but not least, wind turbine micro-siting and turbine array optimization.

Your Clean Energy, LLC (
Your Clean Energy LLC offers professional consulting services to allow financially sound decisions for energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy systems. You can benefit from our experience and cost-effective services in these following areas: Energy Audits of Commercial, Municipal, Community and Church Buildings, Renewable Energy Resource Assessments and Financial Evaluations, Renewable Energy System, and design of Sea Water Heat Pump Systems.

Alaska Center for Energy and Power (
Fostering development of innovative solutions to Alaska’s energy challenges through applied energy research at the University of Alaska.The Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) is an applied energy research program based at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. ACEP provides leadership in developing energy systems for islanded, non-integrated electric grids and their associated oil-based heating systems.

Alaska Pacific University (
A small private liberal arts and sciences university providing personalized, experiential, hands-on instruction “in the field” with Alaska as its primary classroom.


University of Alaska – Anchorage: Mat-Su College Sustainable Energy  ( The Sustainable Energy Occupational Endorsement Certificate program provides education and training in energy efficiency and renewable energy and addresses many contemporary energy issues. The program provides the fundamental concepts, basic academic preparation, and skills necessary for students to pursue either employment or further training as sustainable energy technicians in the energy, construction, utility, and maintenance industries.

University of Alaska, Fairbanks – Bristol Bay Campus (
The Bristol Bay Campus, College of Rural and Community Development of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, seeks to provide educational opportunities empowering Alaskans, particularly Alaska Natives and rural residents, to effect social and economic changes as well as to protect and enrich the quality of life and culture.

Arctic Solar Ventures (
At Arctic Solar Ventures Corporation, our mission is to provide people, businesses, and communities choice and opportunity for their energy futures. We provide tailored solutions for solar energy projects, electric vehicle charging systems, and LED lighting systems at exceptional value and cost.

Comforts of Home, LLC (
Comforts of Home is an Alaskan Energy Rater for the rebate program. We are BEES certified, and provide energy design consultations for new construction. Comforts of Home also provides combustion safety testing and ventilation sizing, both required on energy ratings.

Energy Audits of Alaska (
Jim Fowler founded Energy Audits of Alaska, an Alaskan Corporation, to perform commercial energy audits in Alaska. A year later he started Global Energy Audits to perform the same work in the lower 48 states. Both companies perform benchmarking and ASHRAE Level 1, 2 and 3 and Investment Grade Energy Audits on commercial, industrial and municipal buildings.

Lime Solar (

Lime Solar’s mission is to spread renewable energy and energy efficiency to the homes and businesses across Alaska. More and more people around the country are ready to take a bigger step in addressing rising electricity costs and reducing their carbon footprints. Lime Solar is a Limited Liability Company that was founded in Anchorage by lifelong Alaskans. We are one of the prevalent renewable energy companies that currently lead the Alaskan industry in quality and innovation.

Renewable Energy Systems of Alaska (

Renewable Energy Systems has been serving Alaska at the forefront of energy independence for over a decade. Renewable Energy Systems provides complete solutions in the renewable energy sector by partnering with premier suppliers with products designed for Alaska’s unique environment. We are the exclusive distributor for Surrette Rolls Batteries deep cycle batteries in Alaska. Renewable Energy Systems has had Master Distributorships in place for the products used in system designs for over 10 years.


Davis Wright Tremaine LLP (
Davis Wright Tremaine is dedicated to providing excellent legal services, and delivering them in a manner customized to each client’s particular needs and preferences. This commitment has remained intact for decades as the firm has grown across the nation.

City of King Cove (
The City of King Cove Public Utilities provides reliable service. King Cove is a First Class City established in 1949.


Northwest Arctic Borough (
The Northwest Arctic Borough (NAB) is the second largest borough in Alaska, comprising approximately 39,000 square miles along the Kotzebue Sound, Wullik, Noatak, Kobuk, Selawik, Buckland and Kugruk Rivers. The Northwest Arctic Borough will improve the quality of life for all residents.

Advanced Energy Economy (
AEE is a national association of business leaders who are making the global energy system more secure, clean, and affordable. Advanced energy encompasses a broad range of products and services that constitute the best available technologies for meeting energy needs today and tomorrow. Among these are energy efficiency, demand response, energy storage, natural gas electric generation, solar, wind, hydro, nuclear, electric vehicles, biofuels and smart grid. AEE’s vision is of a prosperous world that runs on secure, clean, affordable energy.

Alaska Association of Energy Professionals (
Alaska Association of Energy Professionals is dedicated to promoting a progressive relationship with energy professionals, the building industry and the general public within the State of Alaska.

Alaska Center for the Environment (
Alaska Center for the Environment (ACE) is Alaska’s largest, statewide conservation advocacy organization, supported by thousands of individuals and families.

Alaska Independent Power Producers Association (
Alaska’s Independent Power Producers want to help fuel our future’s growth with jobs and lower energy costs for everyone with energy that respects our environment.

Anchorage Economic Development Corporation (
AEDC is a private nonprofit. It exists to encourage growth and diversity in the Anchorage economy, promote a favorable business climate and improve the standard of living of Anchorage residents.

Cascadia Green Building Council (
A program and partner of the International Living Future Institute, we help set the global vision for the transformation toward true sustainability, even as we support the place-based solutions that will bring us to the future we hope for, not the tomorrow we fear.

Chester Park Cooperative Senior Housing (
Chester Park Cooperative is an innovative, non-profit, member owned adult community made of people 55 years of age and older. It is a unique blend of community living and independent lifestyle. The members of Chester Park Cooperative enjoy a maintenance free home that is secure, worry free and convenient.The Green Team is partnered with REAP to explore efficiency on site.

Cold Climate Housing Resources Center (
The Cold Climate Housing Research Center is an industry-based nonprofit corporation created to facilitate the development, use, and testing of energy-efficient, durable, healthy, and cost-effective building technologies for people living in cold climates.

Cook Inletkeeper (
Cook Inletkeeper is a community-based nonprofit organization that combines advocacy, education and science toward its mission to protect Alaska’s Cook Inlet watershed and the life it sustains.

Green Star (
Green Star® is a program now operated with the support of the Alaska Forum. The Green Star Program supports businesses and organizations that wish to practice waste reduction, energy conservation and pollution prevention through education, technical assistance, and an award-winning voluntary “green business” certification program.

Institute of the North (
Governor Walter J. Hickel, founder of the Institute of the North, believed strongly that we must understand the reality, the richness and the responsibility of the North. Today, the Institute works to share that vision. Our mission is vital to Alaska’s role as a key stakeholder in policy affecting the Arctic. We stand at a pivotal place where ideas and connections matter – across the state and on a global scale. In the Arctic, the Institute is both an advocate and a convener.

Northern Alaska Environmental Center (
The Northern Alaska Environmental Center promotes conservation of the environment and sustainable resource stewardship in Interior and Arctic Alaska through education and advocacy.

Sierra Club, Alaska Chapter (
Sierra Club Alaska works to ensure a future as great as the land itself. We strive for an Alaska based on renewable energy, healthy communities, sustainable use of our resources, and preservation of our wild places.

IBEW Local 1547 (
Local 1547 represents workers in many diverse construction classifications including power linemen, inside wiremen, power plant workers and technicians, mechanics, warehouse workers, line clearance tree trimmers and heavy equipment operators. IBEW 1547 take pride in knowing that our efforts in strengthening safety and worker rights benefit many other workers in our state, not just those we represent.
Alaska Electric Light & Power (
Alaska Energy and Resources Company is an Avista subsidiary that provides retail electric service in the City and Borough of Juneau, Alaska, through its subsidiary Alaska Electric Light and Power Company.

Alaska Power and Telephone (
The keys to AP&T’s continued success lay primarily in its willingness to promote and develop long term, reliable energy and communication solutions while capitalizing on the innovation and technical expertise of its skilled and dedicated employees.

Alaska Power Association (
The mission of Alaska Power Association is to assist our members in accomplishing their goals of delivering electric energy and other services at the best value to their customers.

Alaska Village Electric Cooperative (
AVEC is united in our efforts to bring a stable source of electricity into our homes and to enhance the quality of our lives. We serve 56 communities stretching from Kivalina in the north to Old Harbor on Kodiak Island in the south, and from Gambell on St. Lawrence Island in the west to Minto in the east. We use more than 150 diesel generators. These produce electric power for our member communities, running a cumulative total of more than 400,000 hours per year.

Chugach Electric Association (
Chugach Electric Association is headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city. Chugach’s mission is “Through superior service, safely provide reliable and competitively priced energy.” Chugach’s corporate vision is “Powering Alaska’s future.”

City of Seward Electric Department (
City of Seward Electric Department endeavors to provide quality electric service at a reasonable cost to the customers of the Electric Utility, in accordance with Council Policies and the City Code, while ensuring an adequate return for the Electric Enterprise Fund.

Copper Valley Electric Association (
CVEA is a nonprofit cooperative corporation owned by its members. The Board of Directors of the Cooperative is responsible for the overall management of the affairs of CVEA. Directors are elected by the membership by mail balloting, with the results being reported at the Annual Meeting held by the Cooperative in each district, and are elected for staggered three-year terms.

Homer Electric Association (
Homer Electric Association’s mission is to safely provide reliable electricity to our members and our community through superior customer service and innovative energy solutions at fair and reasonable prices.

Kodiak Electric Association, Inc. (
Kodiak Electric Association, Inc. (KEA) is a rural electric cooperative, which generates and distributes electrical power in Kodiak, Alaska. KEA is committed to providing safe, reliable energy and a high level of service excellence to enhance the quality of life of its members and of the community.

Kotzebue Electric Association (
KEA has spent much time and energy on developing new sources of energy for the future. Because of the high costs of fuel, and because of declining support from the state legislature to keep energy costs in rural Alaska at reasonable levels, KEA has worked to become a pioneer in the use of wind energy in an arctic environment. KEA’s wind energy program provides an alternative source of energy with the potential to keep electric costs at affordable levels.

Matanuska Electric Association, Inc. (
Matanuska Electric Association, Inc. is a member owned cooperative that serves the Matanuska-Susitna region as well as the Eagle River and Chugiak areas. We serve over 60,000 customers through more than 4,200 miles of power lines. MEA’s mission is to ensure that our members have safe, reliable, sustainable and affordable electricity.

TDX Power, Inc. (
TDX Power, Inc. owns and operates several regulated utilities in Alaska and generates critical, must-run power in remote locations worldwide. The company is a recognized expert in small utility systems and a leader in renewable energy power generation such as wind power and wind/diesel hybrid system design, implementation, and operation.

Unalakleet Valley Electric Cooperative (
Unalakleet’s wind farm began to supply wind generated electricity to the community in November, 2009. The project is owned and operated by Unalakleet Valley Electric Cooperative and was completed through the financial support of the Alaska Energy Authority, Norton Sound Economic Development Corporation, and the Unalakleet Native Corporation.