REAP’s Mission and Vision

Bering Strait Photovoltaics

Bering Strait Photovoltaics

Mission Statement

Renewable Energy Alaska Project’s (REAP) mission is to facilitate the increased development of renewable energy in Alaska through collaboration, education, training, and advocacy.


Vision Statement

For economic and environmental reasons, REAP believes Alaska, the United States, and the Earth will benefit greatly from the rapid development of renewable energy resources and that Alaska can and should be a leader in such development.

To reach its goal, REAP has adopted five primary objectives:

  1. Promote energy efficiency.
  2. Support development of viable renewable energy projects.
  3. Help develop and implement policies that will increase the production of renewable energy in Alaska.
  4. Build a market in Alaska for renewable energy.
  5. Foster and demonstrate stakeholder unity in support of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Alaska.