Staff Members

Founder and Executive Director : Chris Rose

300px-Staff-ChrisRoseChris Rose is the founder and Executive Director of REAP. In 1983, he graduated Phi Beta Kappa and with Highest Distinction from the University of Iowa, with a B.A. in Political Science and a Certificate in Global Studies.

After working as a fundraiser for various non-profit public interest groups around the United States he received his law degree in 1990 from the University of Oregon, with a Certificate in Environmental and Natural Resources Law. For over 10 years his private practice in Alaska included representation of Native Alaskans from Northwest Arctic villages and the mediation of a variety of disputes around the state. He has been very active in local community affairs and has served on various statewide boards, including the Renewable Energy Grant Fund Advisory Committee. From 2004 to 2008 he wrote a monthly opinion column for the Anchorage Daily News. He enjoys traveling and spending time outside.

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Development Director : Jodi Fischer

Jodi advances REAP’s mission by cultivating membership, raising funds, and supporting Tour Green partnership. She seeks to provide meaningful connections among stakeholders and the important work of REAP.

Prior to joining the team Jodi was the Executive Director of an international development and education organization, Marshall Direct Fund. Jodi has a M.A. in International Studies with an emphasis on Economic Development. She has experience working with government, private, and nonprofit organizations and has lived and worked in multiple cities throughout the U.S. and overseas. She is excited about the role Alaska stands to serve as a leader in clean energy technologies. Jodi is deeply committed to community development, capacity building, integrative and sustainable solutions.Jodi serves on the board of Four Valleys Community School and enjoys spending time with friends, family, traveling, and exploring Alaska.

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Deputy Director : Shaina Kilcoyne

300px-Staff-ShainaKilcoyneShaina Kilcoyne leads education and outreach efforts around energy efficiency programs and initiatives in the state. Shaina works with energy service providers, state and federal organizations, businesses, schools, and other organizations to promote and expand energy efficiency and conservation efforts. Her goal is to cultivate Alaska as a leader in the energy sector with smart, business-based policies and programs. Follow her Southeast Alaska efforts through the Sustainable Southeast Partnership.

Previous to her work at REAP, Shaina spent two years organizing a coalition of renewable energy businesses and organizations in order to advance renewable energy policy at the state level in Wisconsin. Kilcoyne is a veteran; during high school and college she spent six years with the Army National Guard. This took her to Iraq where she was a heavy equipment operator within an engineering unit. Through experience serving in our military, Kilcoyne learned to respect the significance of a secure and sustainable energy economy. Shaina and her husband enjoy camping, hiking, biking, and gardening.

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ANEEE Director : Chris McConnell

As Director of the Alaska Network of Energy Education and Employment (ANEEE), Chris McConnell works to maximize energy literacy and training opportunities at the K-12, vocational and University levels so that Alaskans can more easily identify and embark on career pathways in the energy sector. Chris seeks to regularly convene and unite various federal, state, private and non-profit organizations in order to create alignments, leverage shared goals and identify potential efficiencies.

Chris grew up an Air Force brat and so has twenty some odd places around the country he can call home. While acquiring a B.A. in Philosophy from UC San Diego, he gained several summers’ worth of education and a real love for Alaska waiting tables at Phyllis’ Salmon Bake Café. A decade of studio work in the film industry instilled a respect for the power of great storytelling. Unable to resist the opportunity to teach high school English at an all-boys school, Chris gained an education in the importance of stamina, taming wild animals and an appreciation for the hard work teachers do every day. A marriage to a girl from Kenai brought Chris back to Alaska where he had the good fortune of contributing to the important work done by Alzheimer’s Resource of Alaska as their Communications Specialist. Chris has swapped consistent Southern California reef and beach breaks for long hikes and agonizing cross-country ski outings.

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Energy Education Director : Colleen Fisk

Energy Education Director : Colleen FiskColleen implements the AK EnergySmart and Wind for Schools curriculum in K-12 classrooms and does teacher trainings. Ms. Fisk grew up on a small farm in Wasilla where her parents, also science teachers, instilled a lifelong love of science. She graduated from University of Maryland, College Park in 2010 with a degree in Animal Science. She moved back to Alaska and earned her Master of Education in Secondary Education from University of Alaska, Fairbanks in 2012.

Ms. Fisk worked as an educator in the Mat-Su School district for several years, mostly at the secondary level, including a year of coaching cross country skiing. She then spent two years as a state microbiologist before accepting the job at REAP. She loves all things nerd, especially science. In her spare time, she also lets her Australian Shepherd Annie run her through agility courses, her horse Jazzy carry her through back country trails, and joins her friends and family to go on other outdoor adventures. Ms. Fisk is excited about working with REAP to help educators around the State of Alaska inspire students about energy with lessons and activities in the classroom.

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Office Manager : Lydia Darby

300px-Staff-LydiaDarbyAs Office Manager for REAP, Lydia Darby oversees office administration and bookkeeping, coordinates volunteers, and assists with fundraising for the organization.

Lydia spent three years serving as the personnel and office manager for 25 employees at the popular restaurant Turkey Red. Additionally, she has over 20 years experience in the environmental organizations, including ten years at the Alaska Community Action on Toxics, and 17 years at Alaska-based non profit Earth. Lydia co-conceived and oversaw Earth’s free, community bikes program; and coordinated 80 volunteers who implemented the agency’s Food and Fish program, which provided 1.5 million pounds of food per year to Alaskans. A resident of Alaska for more than 40 years, Lydia enjoys riding her bicycle, gardening, and spending time with her grandkids.

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