What We Do

Kodiak Wind Turbines

Kodiak Wind Turbines

REAP’s primary goal is to increase the production of renewable energy in Alaska and bring the benefits of clean, economic and inexhaustible renewable power to the citizens of Alaska. REAP also promotes energy efficiency and conservation as a way to reduce residents’ energy bills and potentially avoid construction of expensive new power plants.

REAP’s current initiatives include working to improve the efficiency of the Railbelt electricity grid, advancing  microgrids through the Alaska Microgrid Partnership and the Islanded Grid Resource Center; educating K-12 students statewide through the AK Energy Smart and Wind for Schools curricula; and promoting holistic community development through the Sustainable Southeast Partnership. REAP also advances clean energy business interests in the state.

Major Accomplishments

State Energy Policy & Programs

REAP played an integral role in 2010 in the passage of two energy laws critical to ensuring Alaskans have a steady, long-term supply of energy at stable prices. REAP served on a 16-member citizen stakeholder group that helped craft House Bill 306, a statewide energy policy that set goals of 50% by 2025 of the state’s electricity to come from renewable sources, and 15% by 2020 to improve energy efficiency on a per capita basis. REAP also was integral to the passage of SB 220, an omnibus energy bill that creates the policies and programs to help Alaska achieve these goals. Among other things, SB 220, creates an Emerging Energy Technology Fund to fund emerging technologies, sets up a $250 million low-interest revolving loan fund to fund energy efficiency improvements in public buildings, and mandates energy efficiency retrofits in 25% of the largest public buildings by 2020.
More information at: Legislative Accomplishments

Renewable Energy Grant Fund

REAP helped craft and find sponsors for House Bill 152 which resulted in the creation of the Alaska Renewable Energy Grant Fund and state appropriations of $150 million since 2008 for renewable energy projects. REAP Executive Director Chris Rose was also appointed by the Governor to serve on the state’s Renewable Energy Grant Fund Advisory Committee, which helps the Alaska Energy Authority recommend projects for funding to the state legislature.
More information at: Renewable Energy Grant Fund

Energy Efficiency

In April 2008, the legislature passed Senate Bill 289, which committed $360 million to energy efficiency programs in the state. (That compares to approximately $150 million spent cumulatively by the state between 1980 and 2008). REAP has made educating lawmakers on the merits of energy efficiency a priority.
More information at: Legislative Accomplishments

Current Initiatives

Wind for Schools

Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP) is the State Facilitator for the Wind for Schools program in Alaska, and successfully led the effort, along with the Alaska Center for Energy and Power, to have Alaska added in 2010 to the list of 11 states accepted to this national program.
More information at: Wind for Schools

Renewable Energy Atlas of Alaska

REAP, in cooperation with the state Alaska Energy Authority in 2006, published the first ever comprehensive atlas detailing Alaska’s renewable energy resources, including wind, solar, geothermal, hydro, biomass, and tidal. The report, which also includes information on existing renewable energy projects in Alaska, has been updated twice and more than 22,000 copies have been distributed statewide. Download the Renewable Energy Atlas of Alaska PDF (4.4 MB)