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Lithium: More Than Bath Salts and Mineral Water

In 1930, the only markets for lithium were mineral water and Lithia effervescing tablets for rheumatism. Big deal. Today, lithium is so critical for batteries in electric vehicles and personal electronics that recent headlines compel even the risk adverse to call their investment broker: “An increasingly precious metal” (The Economist), “A bold approach in commodities pays off” (Wall Street Journal), or “Hailed as the New Petroleum,” (Forbes). Lithium is so hot, REAP has to write about it again. Tesla isn’t the only firm producing lithium-ion batteries in a gigafactory. So is LG, Samsung and Panasonic. See, lithium batteries are the [...]

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The Way Things Work: Erecting a Wind Turbine in Rural Alaska

Erecting a wind turbine in permafrost may be a little more difficult than you think. There are a lot of factors to consider. As the ground softens in the warmer months, the tower may experience a shift in lateral support, changing the relative center of gravity. Turbines cannot settle or tilt in any way or they will first lose efficiency. After that, the equipment will begin to break. The permafrost layer of the earth is constantly fluctuating in depth and distance to the surface. This not only affects the tower itself, but also the construction of the tower. The cranes [...]

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