Quick Energy Facts

Photo Credit: Nana Communications

Photo: NANA Regional Corporation

—Alaska ranks first in the nation in terms of per capita spending on renewable energy.

— Since 2008 the Legislature has appropriated $259 million for 287 qualifying projects.

— In 2015, 54 projects were in place that displace an estimated 22 million gallons of diesel fuel worth nearly $61 million.

— Alaska has 62 Megawatts of installed wind capacity

— Alaska holds 50% of America’s wave energy resources, and 90% of our river current/tidal energy resources according to the Electric Power Research Institute.

— Hydropower supplies 24.9% of Alaska’s electricity.

— More than 30 woody biomass heating systems are operational in Alaska. In 2012, the Municipality of Anchorage and Doyon Utilities commissioned a 5.6 MW methane power plant at the city’s landfill to provide 25% of Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson’s electrical load.

Kodiak Electric Association generates 99% of its electricity renewably, through a combination of its Terror Lake hydropower plant, wind turbines, and a combination of flywheel and battery storage.

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