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A part of REAP’s mission is to educate the public on the benefits of clean, local energy sources in Alaska. One of the ways we do this is through coordinating numerous programs and events throughout the year.

Wood Burning Symposium

June 2nd, Anchorage & June 11th, Fairbanks

June 2nd 4:30 – 8 pm @ BP Energy Center
June 11th 11 am – 6pm @ Cold Climate Housing Research Center

Burning Wood for heat, electricity and biochar

Contact Art Nash for more information.









Clean Power Happy Hour, June 15th, Anchorage

June 15th, 6 – 9pm @ 49th State Brewing Company

Low Cost Energy Efficiency Opportunities for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Properties

Interested in learning the options to save money on your utility bills? Join us on June 15th at 49th State Brewing Company to learn ways to save money on utility bills in residential and commercial buildings. Our guest speaker will tell how renewable energy installations and efficiency upgrades helped them rise out of poverty.

The event will start at 6:00 pm at 49th State Brewing Company downtown Anchorage, with food and drinks, and a discussion on energy efficiency to follow!

Bring a copy of your most recent utility bill. We will compare the costs of your homes, homes in Anchorage, and homes in rural Alaska.

In partnership with the Alaska Center and NAACP. Check our event out on Facebook for updates.

Solar Tour, June 15th, Anchorage

Andy Baker of Your Clean Energy is hosting an Anchorage Solar tour on June 15th. More info TBA

ARENA training, June 19th

The Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy (ARENA) program focuses on sharing knowledge and establishing professional networks related to microgrids and integration of renewable energy resources for remote Arctic communities.

ARENA is an endorsed project of the Arctic Council’s Sustainable Development Working Group. The United States, Canada, Finland, Iceland, Gwich’in Council International, and the Aleut International Association are co-leading the 2017 program.

Find out more on the ARENA program here.

Arctic Policy, Sustainability and Governance Class

July 7 – Aug 5, Anchorage

University of Alaska, Anchorage, is offering an “Arctic Policy, Sustainability & Governance” class over the summer.  Changes in environmental conditions have accelerated coastal and riverine erosion, melting permafrost, black carbon deposition, and ocean acidification, changes in subsistence patterns, food insecurity, and severe winter storms in the Northwest Arctic Borough. Dr. Steve Konkel will discuss progress and challenges in environmental stewardship and sustainable development through various Arctic governing bodies. Dr. Konkel holds a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering/Univ. Colorado, a master’s degree in City Planning/Harvard, and a PhD in environmental policy development/MIT. He is teaching PADM 671, Arctic Policy, Sustainability & Governance, this summer at UAA. (CRN 51817). 

See class flyer here.

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