Part of REAP’s mission is to educate the public on the benefits of clean, local energy sources in Alaska. Please see a list of recent and upcoming events and let us know if you have any questions or additions.

REAP Parties: November 2017
Join us at one of our up coming fundraisers. Fun informative events where you can learn and donate to ensure REAP continues to advance renewable energy in Alaska. RSVP at

Korie & Justin Hickel along with First Lady Mara Kimmel + more hosting a REAP event at APU on November 16th. Click here to learn more.

REAP’s Holiday Fundraiser at the home of Alice Rogoff in Anchorage is November 30th. Click here to learn more.

Air Source Heat Pump Webinar, November 20th, Anchorage









Family Night, December 8th, Anchorage
The Alaska Center and NAACP Anchorage are putting on a family night to give some hints on low cost energy savings. This is a family-friendly event with hands-on activities for kids held at the Mountain View Boys and Girls Club.

Arctic Policy Class, Spring 2018, Anchorage
Do you want to learn more about the policy in northern and northwestern Alaska? Dr. Steve Konkel is teaching a course from January 16th through May 5th, 2018 on Arctic Policy, Climate, Sustainability & Governance. From the course description: “Arctic policies affect the health of Circumpolar North residents. Impacts on Northwest Arctic Borough communities include accelerated coastal and riverine erosion, melting permafrost, extent of multi-year sea ice/sea levels, black carbon deposition, ocean acidification, changes in subsistence patterns (which in turn  impacts food insecurity), and more severe and frequent devastation from winter storms.  We evaluate the 8-nation Arctic Council’s environmental stewardship, economic, and sustainable development initiatives.” Contact instructor Dr. Steve Konkel here for more information.

Rural Energy Conference, Fairbanks, April 9-12, 2018
The 2018 Alaska Rural Energy Conference is scheduled to take place April 9-12 at the Westmark Hotel in Fairbanks. Visit the REC website to register.


Previous Events

Getting to Zero Energy Workshop – In November, 2017, the Alaska Center for Appropriate Technology (ACAT) put on a successful workshop to teach about lowering  energy bills and even generating your own energy. They looked at lighting, appliances, and heating from the easiest and most cost effective changes to lower a bill to more in-depth switches. They also covered how to offset your electrical use with solar power. Learn more about ACAT and their resources here.



Solar Tour Success – Andy Baker of Your Clean Energy hosted the 9th annual Anchorage Solar Tour in June, 2017 allowing the public to meet hard working and innovative people dreaming, investing, designing, installing and operating the SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEMS that are putting Anchorage Alaska on the world map of clean energy. Anchorage solar tour packet and maps


Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy (ARENA) training – June, 2017. The ARENA program focuses on sharing knowledge and establishing professional networks related to microgrids and integration of renewable energy resources for remote Arctic communities. ARENA is an endorsed project of the Arctic Council’s Sustainable Development Working Group. The United States, Canada, Finland, Iceland, Gwich’in Council International, and the Aleut International Association are co-leading the 2017 program. Find out more on the ARENA program here.

Alaska Wind Diesel Workshop in Fairbanks was a unique opportunity to learn, network and share information on wind systems in island and islanded grid environments through expert panel discussions, stakeholder dialogue and training. It featured an opening reception and optional HOMER Energy training, plus a full day of panel sessions covering the state of the market, integration, training, financing and other issues facing remote and islanded grids.

Arctic Policy, Sustainability and Governance Class University of Alaska, Anchorage, is offering an “Arctic Policy, Sustainability & Governance” class over the summer from July 7 – August 5, 2017.  Changes in environmental conditions have accelerated coastal and riverine erosion, melting permafrost, black carbon deposition, and ocean acidification, changes in subsistence patterns, food insecurity, and severe winter storms in the Northwest Arctic Borough. Dr. Steve Konkel will discuss progress and challenges in environmental stewardship and sustainable development through various Arctic governing bodies. Dr. Konkel holds a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering/Univ. Colorado, a master’s degree in City Planning/Harvard, and a PhD in environmental policy development/MIT. He is teaching PADM 671, Arctic Policy, Sustainability & Governance, this summer at UAA. (CRN 51817). See class flyer here.

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