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A part of REAP’s mission is to educate the public on the benefits of clean, local energy sources in Alaska. One of the ways we do this is through coordinating numerous programs and events throughout the year.


On Thursday January 12th, 2017 our event series will launch with Bert Hunter, Chief Investment Officer of the Connecticut Green Bank. Before joining the Green Bank, Mr. Hunter was VP Finance / CFO of Spectrum Capital, an investment bank focused on global commercial aircraft finance and investment in US electric power generation. Prior to Spectrum, he was VP/Treasurer of the international leasing company of Chemical Bank (now JP Morgan Chase). Mr. Hunter holds an MBA from The Wharton School and a BS in Mathematics and Economics from Wake Forest University.

The Connecticut Green Bank offers many examples to inspire Alaskan business leaders.
Achievements include:
— Deployed more than $1 billion in public and private investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy;
— Attracted more than $250 MM for residential and commercial programs including a Solar Lease Fund, a Solar Loan fund and “Smart-E” Clean Energy Loan program using structures with tax equity, non-recourse financing, loan loss reserves and “crowd funding”;
— Secured $300 MM in proposals to fund small business energy efficiency program resulting in term sheet documenting a $75 MM commitment from a major global financial institution;
— Attracted a $5 MM PRI from MacArthur Foundation to finance energy efficiency projects for low-income multifamily housing;
— Structured a $6 MM subordinated secured loan to facilitate the development of the largest fuel cell project in the US ($70MM / 15 MW);
— Auctioned a $20 MM portfolio of C-PACE loans totaling to private investors;
— Arranged Qualified Energy Conservation Bond funding for 1 MW of solar PV for ~15 affordable housing properties;
— Arranged New Clean Renewable Energy Bond financing for “run of river” hydroelectric facilities.

The event is open to the public and is suited to anyone looking for commercial, multifamily, or community scale project development. Entrepreneurs, elected officials, and interested citizens are all welcome.

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