Headlines on Clean Energy or About REAP

Three Cost Cutting Tips to Slash Your Energy Bill in Alaska This Winter

by Daybreak Staff for KTVA on October 12, 2016
Alaska has high energy costs, especially in the winter and especially in rural parts of the state. October is Energy Awareness Month. Tips with Shaina Kilcoyne of Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP).

Conservative Renewable Energy Groups Announces Ad Buy for Murkowski

by Erika Martinson for Alaska Dispatch News on October 7, 2016
Get ready for the outside ads to start: A right-leaning nonprofit, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions, has announced plans for two statewide radio ad buys supporting Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Maine’s Arctic Ambitions Could Benefit Alaska

by Tom Bell for Alaska Dispatch News on October 6, 2016
The Arctic Council Senior Officials meeting this week in Portland is expected to pump $1 million into the Maine economy. That’s $1 million that could have gone to Alaska if Anchorage had served as the host city.

Alaska’s Future Depends on Renewable Energy, Not a Gas Line

by Laura Crews for Alaska Dispatch News on September 2, 2016
I was in Paris last year for the climate negotiations with a university class, and a big disconnect remains between the conversations we’re having here at home and the vision for a transitioning global energy supply articulated by world leaders in Paris.

Other Futures for Arctic Economies? Searching for Alternatives

by Adam Stępień for Arctic Centre Blog on September 2, 2016
The debate on Arctic economies has been dominated by large-scale resource extraction and trans-Arctic shipping. High resource prices and climate change impacts were expected to trigger Arctic economic boom. Hopes for regional development and concerns over environmental impacts were raised.

Which State Is a Big Renewable Energy Pioneer? Texas

by Bill Spindle and Rebecca Smith for The Wall Street Journal on August 2, 2016
On a blustery February night, the Texas electricity market hit a milestone. Nearly half the power flowing onto the grid came from wind turbines, a level unimaginable a decade ago in a place better known for its long romance with fossil fuels.

Grid Referee Could Ensure Cheaper Electricity for Alaska’s Railbelt

by Elizabeth Harball for Alaska Dispatch News on August 29, 2016
When Chris Rose makes tea in his downtown Anchorage apartment, he uses an electric stove to boil the water — pretty simple stuff. But Rose, who is the Executive Director of the Renewable Energy Alaska Project, knows how the electricity got to his stove is anything but simple.

Buyer Negotiations Restart for Fire Island Wind Project

by Suzanna Caldwell for Alaska Dispatch News on August 18, 2016
Negotiations have restarted in finding a potential buyer for the Fire Island Wind project. Cook Inlet Region Inc., owner of the project, announced Wednesday negotiations with Golden Valley Electric Association had resumed last week to purchase power from the Southcentral company.

Alaska-Built Powerhouses Boost Green Energy in Villages

by Alex DeMarban for Alaska Dispatch News on August 15, 2016
A Southwest Alaska village that installed 10 wind turbines in 2008 joined a wave of rural communities turning to renewable power to reduce sky-high energy costs.

Going Green One Audit at a Time

by Sam DeGrave for Juneau Empire on August 11, 2016
Two people have been working to reduce the carbon footprints of several communities in Southeast Alaska. They’re hoping that Juneau will be the next community to get involved in their emission-mitigation mission. Speaking at the Juneau Chamber of Commerce’s weekly luncheon Thursday, Robert Venables and Shaina Kilcoyne (Energy Efficiency Director) pitched the Southeast Energy Audit Program. During the past year, the two helped audit 34 buildings in four different Southeast communities.

How State Regulations Can Prevent Man-Made Earthquakes

by Christina Beck for Christian Science Monitor on August 11, 2016
When oil extraction companies inject waste water into the ground, the result can be rattling. Literally. State governments are now exploring regulations to reduce the number of earthquakes caused by injections each year.

Greenland Lost a Staggering 1 Trillion Tons of Ice in Just Four Years

by Chelsea Harvey for The Washington Post on July 19, 2016
It’s no news that Greenland is in serious trouble — but now, new research has helped quantify just how bad its problems are.

Governor Shuts Down Work on Knik Arm Crossing, Susitna Dam

by Zaz Hollander for the Alaska Dispatch News on July 14, 2016
Gov. Bill Walker this week shut down work on Alaska’s largest megaprojects: a billion-dollar bridge across Knik Arm and a massive dam on the Susitna River.