Top 10 tips to reduce energy use

Now that it's winter and utility bills are on the rise, we wanted to share the top 10 tips to reduce energy use at home, as well as a printable version that you can share with your friends! This list was developed by our coworkers over at AK EnergySmart, which has free K-12 lessons about energy. Eliminate “phantom loads.” Appliances use electricity even when they are “off.” Unplug devices when not in use or put them on a power strip that you can turn off. Use efficient lighting. Though initially more costly, light emitting diodes (LEDs) last up to 10 [...]

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What Puerto Rico Can Learn From Alaska

More than a month after hurricane Irma hit Puerto Rico, 79% of the island is still without electricity. Experts are calling for microgrids to help prevent this humane crisis in the future, and Tesla is already building a solar panel and battery combination to get reliable power to a children’s hospital. What are microgrids? And what does Alaska have to teach the world about them? Microgrids are small-scale power grids that can connect to a larger interconnected grid or operate independently.  With no connecting overhead cables vulnerable to heavy winds or flying debris, and the ability to be “islanded” from [...]

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Governor Proclaims October as Energy Awareness Month

With fall comes crisp nights and falling leaves, but also rising energy costs. Governor Walker proclaimed October 2017 as Alaska Energy Awareness Month, in an effort to bring our focus to the resources we are fortunate to have at our fingertips. Alaska is home to some of the greatest  renewable energy sources in the world. From 2008 to 2015 the Renewable Energy Fund helped create more than 70 renewable energy projects, displacing over 30 million diesel equivalent gallons and generating tens of millions of dollars in savings for consumers. Energy efficiency, such as switching to LED lights, replacing weather stripping, [...]

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ISO Update

REAP continues its work to establish an independent "system operator" that would bring together all six utilities in the Railbelt (Chugach Electric Association, Anchorage Municipal Light and Power, the City of Seward, Homer Electric Association, Matanuska Electric Association and Golden Valley Electric Association) into a new organization to consider electric issues on a regional basis. One of REAP's primary goals is to create a platform for regional energy planning that would address issues related to access to the grid, and the cost of transmitting and integrating renewable power. The system operator would also create a region-wide "load balancing area" into [...]

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REAP and Governor’s Office Announce Energy Competition Results

State Facilities Compete to Save Energy and Money The Department of Corrections and the Department of Health and Social Services led the way to victory during the Great Alaska Energy Challenge. State employees took up the challenge to reduce energy consumption and save state resources. Despite the colder winter, the 36 facilities saved enough energy over six months to power 230 homes for a year, or the equivalent of 986 barrels of oil. Read the Governor's Press Release. Participants statewide have been fastidiously turning off lights, optimizing equipment schedules, and calculating savings through energy upgrades. Governor Bill Walker challenged state [...]

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