REAP and Renewable Energy in the News:

2/5/2018 | KTOO Public Media | In Rural Alaska, Looking Inside the Home to Reduce Energy Costs

12/26/2017 | Inverse Magazine | Wild, Vast Alaska is the Perfect Blueprint for Energy Future without the Grid

12/24/2017 | KTOO | Kake hydro gets boost in governor’s budget

12/13/2017 | Frontiersman || Alaskans pressing ahead with renewable energy projects

12/12/2017 | Juneau Empire – Chris Rose, Executive Director || Walker names members of climate change advisory panel

11/16/2017 | Alaska Public Media || UAA goes solar, panel by panel

11/12/2017| Juneau Empire || Juneau classroom learns about energy usage, wins award

11/11/2017 | Chugiak-Eagle River Star – REAP || WIN-WIN: Gruening students save energy, earn pizza

11/1/2017 | PBS Newshour || How the second-busiest U.S. fishing port is powered by wind and water

10/20/2017 | Buzzfeed News – A String Of Dangerous Accidents In Alaska Sends BP Reeling, Emails Show

10/16/2017 | All Things Considered (National Public Radio) – After Hurricane Power Outages, Looking To Alaska’s Microgrids For A Better Way

10/15/2017 | Peninsula Clarion – Solar passes wind in HEA home renewable electricity

10/2/2017 | KRSM Radio – Power Pledge Challenge Electrifies Homer and Kenai Classrooms with Energy Literacy

9/29/2017 | Hometown, Alaska (Alaska Public Media) – Chris Rose, REAP Executive Director || Anchorage energy

9/28/2017 | The Washington Post – Severe power failures in Puerto Rico and across the Caribbean spur new push for renewable energy

9/13/2017 | U.S. Senate – Murkowski: Partnership on Microgrids Will Lead to Lower Energy Costs for Alaskans and Stronger Grid Resiliency for U.S.

9/11/2017 | Alaska’s Energy Desk (Alaska Public Media) – Alaska teens ask state to stop delaying action on climate change

9/6/2017 | Alaska Journal of Commerce – Chris Rose, REAP Executive Director || Railbelt Utilities Make Progress to Pool Resources

9/1/2017 | Greentech Media – Harvey’s Devastation Shows the Need for Distributed Energy, Microgrids During Disasters

8/31/2017 | Juneau Empire – Valley library earns gold award for sustainable design

8/25/2017 | Yes! Magazine – REAP || Alaska’s Small Villages Turn Toward Renewables—And Don’t Look Back

8/23/2017 | New York Times – Alaska’s Permafrost is Thawing

8/21/2017 | Financial Times – US power grid passes a test as eclipse reduces solar generation

8/1/2017 | Alaska Business Monthly –  Shaina Kilcoyne, REAP Energy Efficiency Director || The State of Renewable Energy in Rural Alaska

7/14/2017 | Bloomberg – Renewable Energy Not a Threat to Grid, Draft of U.S. Study Finds

6/29/2017 | U.S. Senate – Senators Murkowski and Cantwell Introduce Broad, Bipartisan Energy and Natural Resources Bill

6/28/2017 | Futurism – Blockchain and Renewable Energy are Utterly Disrupting Society as We Know It

6/28/2017 | AK Energy Smart – Energy Literacy: STEM to STEAM

6/26/2017 | The New Yorker – The Race to Solar-Power Africa

6/21/2017 | KTUU – Anchorage Solar Tour shows a future with zero energy bills

6/15/2017 | National Geographic – Renewable Energy Record Set in U.S.

6/6/2017 | The New York Times – In Trump Country, Renewable Energy is Thriving

6/1/2017 | Alaska Business Monthly – Chris Rose, REAP Executive Director || Another year of renewable energy growth

5/25/2017 | The New York Times – Looking for Trump’s Climate Policy? Try the Energy Department

5/23/2017 | U.S. Department of Energy – Research Buoys Deployed on East and West Coasts

5/21/2017 | The New York Times – Wind Project in Wyoming Envisions Coal Miners as Trainees

3/30/2017 | Alaska’s Energy Desk (Alaska Public Media) – Chris Rose, REAP Executive Director || Ask the Energy Desk: What about wave and tidal energy in Alaska?

3/30/2017 | U.S. Senate – Chris Rose, REAP Executive Director || U.S. Congressional Testimony

3/26/2017 | Scientific American – Piper Foster Wilder, REAP Deputy Director || What Rural Alaska Can Teach the World about Renewable Energy

2/28/2017 | KYUK – Improving Rural Energy Systems Could Be Key To Attracting Energy Investors As State Funds Diminish

2/24/2017 | Juneau Empire – AEL&P shelves natural gas hopes, but still promotes energy efficiency

2/2/2017 | Microgrid Knowledge – ABB Microgrid to be Built in Anchorage with Two Forms of Energy Storage

1/23/2017 | Huffington Post – Climate Change Or Not, Energy Efficiency Is A Smart Move

1/11/2017 | Alaska Dispatch News – Sound economy and sustainable environment is not a contradiction

12/21/2016 | Microgrid Knowledge – New Microgrid to Flatten ‘Reindeer Curve’ in North Pole

12/21/2016 | Alaska Business Magazine – On the darkest day of the year, a new installation harvests solar energy in Alaska

12/18/2016 | Alaska Dispatch News – Anchorage electric utilities pursue smart meters to manage outages, cut costs

12/5/2016 | Alaska Dispatch News – Anchorage slated to upgrade streetlights to ‘smart grid’ technology

12/1/2016 | KCAW – Snagging Savings: Energy audit aims to cut costs for fishermen

10/17/2016 | Alaska Dispatch News – Valdez hydropower project makes utility all-renewable in summer

10/13/2016 | U.S. Department of Energy – New ‘Energy Talks’ Series Introduces Students to Clean Energy Technologies

10/7/2016 | Alaska Dispatch News – Conservative renewable energy group announces ad buy supporting Murkowski

10/6/2016 | Anchorage Dispatch News – Ocean Renewable Power Co., REAP member || Maine’s Arctic ambitions could benefit Alaska

9/13/2016 | CNBC – Chevy’s 238-mile promise a game changer for electric cars

9/6/2016 | Alaska Dispatch News – Alaska’s future depends on renewable energy, not a gas line

9/4/2016 | Petroleum News – Railbelt pool plan moves

9/2/2016 | Arctic Centre Blog – Other futures for Arctic economies? Searching for alternatives to resource extraction 

8/29/2016 | Wall Street Journal – Which State Is a Big Renewable Energy Pioneer? Texas

8/29/2016 | Alaska’s Energy Desk (Alaska Public Media) – Chris Rose, REAP Executive Director || Grid referee could ensure cheaper electricity for Alaska’s Rail belt

8/19/2016 | Alaska Dispatch News – Buyer negotiations restart for Fire Island Wind project

8/15/2016 | Alaska Dispatch News – Alaska-built powerhouses boost green energy in villages

8/11/2016 | Juneau Empire – Shaina Kilcoyne, REAP Energy Efficiency Director || Going green one audit at a time

8/11/2016 | The Christian Science Monitor – How state regulations can prevent man-made earthquakes

8/8/2016 | The Washington Post – Massachusetts just gave a huge boost to the offshore wind industry

7/29/2016 | Alaska’s Energy Desk (Alaska Public Media) – Alaska Ocean Acidification Network seeks to inform public of ocean acidity

7/19/2016 | Bloomberg – Greenland lost a staggering 1 trillion tons of ice in just four years

7/14/2016 | Alaska Dispatch News – Governor shuts down work on Knik Arm Crossing, Susitna dam

7/11/2016 | The Washington Post – The best way to teach adults to save energy might be through their children

6/30/2016 | The Christian Science Monitor – Why Exxon Mobil is now lobbying for a carbon tax

5/25/2016 | Bloomberg – Clean-Energy Jobs Surpass Oil Drilling for First Time in U.S.