REAP believes that human capacity building is key to advancing clean energy in the state. We are currently doing this through teacher training on energy literacy and the recent launch of the Alaska Network for Energy Education and Employment (ANEEE).

The goal of the ANEEE initiative is to build a comprehensive energy network in Alaska that will inventory Alaska’s energy education programs and provide a way for both education providers and consumers to see and understand what is available in the state. Eventually, REAP envisions that ANEEE will be the umbrella that unites all of our existing clean energy education programs and allows us to bring complementary programs to fruition. Learn more here.

Energy education director Colleen Fisk focuses on training educators on the principles of energy literacy and fun, hands-on activities that can be done in the classroom to increase the energy literacy of students. The trainings can be tailored to last from 30 minutes to 2 days. At the 2 day trainings, teachers can also earn continuing education credit towards their certification renewal. Learn more about educator trainings here.