Keep Facebooking and Twittering: It’s keeping Finland warm 

Ingenuity at work in this article from Reuters and astounding to think that computer data centers such as those run by Google already use around 1 percent of the world’s energy.

In the chill of a massive cave beneath an orthodox Christian cathedral in Helsinki, Finland, a city power firm is preparing what it thinks will be the greenest data center on the planet. Excess heat from hundreds of computer servers to be located in the bedrock beneath Uspenski Cathedral, one of Helsinki’s most popular tourist sites, will be captured and channeled into the district heating network, a system of water-heated pipes used to warm homes in the Finnish capital. Due online in January, the new data center for local information technology services firm Academica is one way of addressing environmental concerns around the rise of the Internet as a central repository for the world’s data and processing–known as “cloud computing.” Read more

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