Kodiak 2009 WWG and Retreat 

Wind Working Group, Wednesday, October 14

Project Updates

Darron Scott – Pillar Mountain

Meera Kohler – AVEC Communities

Dennis Meiners – Chaninik Wind Group

Mike Craft – Delta Junction

Steve Drouilhet – Kokhanok

Kat Keith – St Paul

Jim St George – Unalakleet

Renewable Energy Grant Fund Update

James Jensen

Follow-up from WiDAC Summit

Kat Keith

REAP Organizational Member Retreat, Thursday, October 15

Organizational Updates

Gwen Holdmann – ACEP

Brian Hirsch – NREL

Denali Daniels – Denali Commission

James Jensen – AEA

Technology Updates

Doug Johnson – Tidal

Thomas Deerfield – Biomass

Doug Murray – Geothermal

Photo Updates

*Hi all.  Thanks again to everyone for making Kodiak such a great experience. What a beautiful island and what great presentations! We’ve posted a few of our pictures from the trip on REAP’s Flickr page.

We always love more pictures. If you’ve got a great shot – or even just a good one –  send it to s.nowers@REalaska.org.

Who we are

Renewable Energy Alaska Project is a coalition of energy stakeholders working to facilitate the development of renewable energy in Alaska through collaboration, education, training, and advocacy.