Kodiak move forward with wind energy 

Westport News, July 11, 2011

KODIAK, Alaska (AP) — Kodiak is moving forward with a plan to have more than 95 percent of electrical power generation come from renewable sources within just a few years.

The Kodiak Electric Association is upgrading its hydro-electrical plant at Terror Lake, according to the Kodiak Daily Mirror. Company chief executive Darron Scott said the plan is to build a third turbine.

The addition of a third hydroelectric turbine would increase the capacity of the Terror Lake plant from about 22 megawatts to nearly 34 megawatts. It also would allow the local electric cooperative the ability to cover even peak needs for power generation, such as when canneries are running, with hydro power alone.

The third hydroelectric turbine is expected to be installed by 2013, the company said last week.

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