Kodiak ravens too smart to get conked by wind turbine blades 

Anchorage Daily News: Despite worries across the U.S. that proliferating wind farms will endanger birds, officials in Kodiak say the city’s small, 4-year-old wind farm hasn’t resulted in even one report of a bird death. Part of the reason is that the Pillar Mountain wind farm site is relatively bird-free, according to the Kodiak Electric Association. From the Kodiak Daily Mirror:

A post-construction study performed by KEA found bald eagles tended to fly away from turbines in motion.

Kodiak doesn’t have a large wind farm by Lower 48 standards, and its large, slow-moving blades may be an easier target for birds to avoid. “They’re smart enough to stay away from them and they don’t get sucked into them,” [Kodiak Audubon Society member Stacy] Studebaker said.


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