Listening to the Wind of Change: Renewable Energy in Armenia 

It’s always interesting to look across the globe and see how many places are moving toward renewable energy, even in small countries like Armenia. No matter where you look, the driving forces are the same – a desire for energy independence, the need to insulate against spikes in fossil fuel prices and a desire to switch to more clean forms of energy. Those feeling the biggest pinch on energy prices, and those with minimal domestic fossil fuel resources, which is the case in Armenia, are often leading the way.

Here’s a snippet from a recent story on renewable energy in Armenia from the Armenian weekly: In addition to the absence of domestic fossil fuel supplies and subsequent reliance on imported fuel that fluctuates in price and availability, the driving factor behind Armenia’s energy policy is an understanding that as economic development advances there will be increasing demand for energy. Armenia’s GDP has grown at an average of 10 percent over the last several years, and energy demand will increase as the population becomes more affluent and urbanized. Therefore, a proactive policy is a positive step to ensure that efficiency and renewable technologies are an integral part of the energy mix. Read more

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