Looking for geothermal at Akutan: Survey teams uses electromagnetic probes to assess resource potential 

Indian Country Today takes a look at the search for geothermal power in the Aleutians: A geophysical survey team is using electromagnetic probes in the remote community of Akutan, Alaska to help investigate the potential of the nearby geothermal resource. If a significant resource is identified this would potentially allow the Eastern Aleutian region to realize a clean, inexpensive and reliable source of energy production. Currently, the City of Akutan (population 713) and Trident Seafoods, a large plant which operates within the community, use a combined peak of 7 MW of diesel-generated power. The city’s power cost exceeds $0.32 kWh. Development of power from the Akutan geothermal project would eliminate the dependence on diesel fuel, reduce carbon emissions and promote economic and cultural sustainability of Akutan and the region. Read more

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