Mount Spurr Geothermal Tests ‘Discouraging’ 

By Ted Land Channel 2 News: It’s been a disappointing summer for the Mount Spurr geothermal energy project.

Reno, Nevada-based Ormat Technologies Inc., which has been doing test work on leases out there, said equipment problems and difficult rock conditions only allowed them to drill a single well, instead of the two they planned at the start of the summer.

Ormat spokesman Paul Thomsen also said the well also didn’t get as deep as they wanted, and that they weren’t impressed with the water temperatures they sampled.

“It doesn’t mean that the resource isn’t there, it just means that our first shot at finding it was not successful,” said Thomsen.

Ormat’s Spurr exploration camp has been demobilized for the summer. Thomsen said the company is now putting together a report, which it plans to present to the Alaska Energy Authority in the next few months.

Thomsen said Ormat expects to review its initial findings with the state before spending any more money on future drilling at Mount Spurr.

The State of Alaska is helping pay for Ormat’s exploration work — lawmakers committed millions of dollars to match the amount of money the company spends on the Spurr leases.

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