Naknek Electric Awarded $12.6M for geothermal work 

From APRN: The Naknek Electric Association was recently awarded the 4th largest grant in the nation from the latest round of federal energy stimulus funds to push the development of a geothermal power plant in Bristol Bay. The grant was part of $338M awarded nationwide by the U.S. Department of Energy to spur geothermal work. To hear the APRN story about Naknek, click here

Other Alaska projects that received funding were:

*$4.6 million to University of Alaska Fairbanks to test of combination of exploration techniques to assess the geothermal resource at Pilgrim Hot Springs near Nome. For more info, click here

*$2.25 million to the Trabits Group LLC, working in various locations including Wasilla and Fairbanks, to develop an improved cement for high temperature geothermal wells.

To read more about the grants awarded, go here

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