Net Zero Energy Building Workshops 

**April 11 – 15
FAIRBANKS -How do we build NET ZERO ENERGY BUILDINGS IN ALASKA? Hear the true stories on how they have been built in Canada. Alaska Center for Appropriate Technology (ACAT) has reached an agreement to bring two of the key people that have built Net Zero Ready/ Net Zero Energy (NZE) buildings (EQuilibrium) in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. There will be presentations in Juneau, South Central Alaska and Fairbanks April 11-15, 2011. Learn about Solar system interconnect with the buildings.

Presenters: GORDON HOWELL, PE and monitors the electrical and solar systems. Gordon is also on CSA Standards, code, plus interconnection and renewable committees.
PETER AMERONGEN, Designer, Builder, principal in Winner of the Net-Zero Energy Coalition “closest to net-Zero energy” custom home builder of 2009. Details at

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