By Alan Bailey | Petroleum News:  After a year, Chugach Electric Association has purchased about 50,000 megawatt hours of electricity from Cook Inlet Region Inc.’s wind farm on Fire Island, off Anchorage, the utility told the Regulatory Commission of Alaska on Jan. 30. The wind farm started outputting power at the end of August 2012, [...] Read More

By Martin LaMonica | The Guardian: You’re leaving work early one afternoon so you go online and adjust the thermostat to preheat your home. After dinner, you load the dishwasher and it decides the best time to run based on the availability of renewable energy and cost. On your way to work the next morning, you [...] Read More

By Jim Malewitz | The New York Times: The “polar vortex” that swept across much of the nation early this month knocked two North Texas power plants offline just as residents began turning up the heat and revving up power use. Grid operators fixed the problem, but not before warning consumers that they were a step away [...] Read More

By Elen Lockyer | KSKA, Anchorage: Alaska’s Railbelt electric companies are the sole users of the state’s main transmission lines that carry energy from the Bradley Lake hydropower project in Homer north to Fairbanks. But changes are coming. Managers of the state-owned portion of the line – called the Alaska Intertie – want to give independent [...] Read More

By Kate Troll | For the Juneau Empire: While many state leaders focus on the graph that shows the expected decline of oil from Prudhoe Bay (a field that currently exceeds its 30 year forecast), there is another energy graph that merits equal attention. It is the graph that shows a sharp, steady increase in [...] Read More

By David Shaffer | The Star Tribune: Minnesota soon could see at least a sevenfold expansion of solar power. In an unprecedented ruling, a judge reviewing whether Xcel Energyshould invest in new natural gas generators vs. large solar power arrays concluded Tuesday that solar is a better deal. If the finding by Administrative Law Judge Eric [...] Read More

By Cassandra Profita | Jefferson Public Radio:  Northwest sports teams are leading an effort to use the widespread appeal of basketball, football, baseball and hockey to spread an environmental message. A group formed by six teams in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, B.C., called the Green Sports Alliance set out three years ago to improve the environmental performance [...] Read More

The Alaska Dispatch:  Finland’s southwestern city of Salo has just completed Finland’s largest solar power farm, designed to power the Astrum business center. The plant is one of just a few solar energy facilities in the country. Finland’s largest solar energy plant is set to power on next year in the southwestern city of Salo, [...] Read More

By Joseph Miller | The Bristol Bay Times: As the fall semester at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Bristol Bay Campus is drawing to a close, the registration for Spring classes are opening up and revealing several new and engaging courses for students for the upcoming year, including a course on the mechanics and the [...] Read More

By Anne Hillman | Alaska Public Radio Network: Agnes is a seven-month-old sea otter pup who was rescued and sent to the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward. She’s swimming around a pool with another orphaned otter. The center’s marine mammal curator Derek Woodie says the otters don’t have any blubber, they rely on their thick [...] Read More